Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fly free, Billy!

February 20, 2014--Please help us wish a fond farewell to Billy. He had been living in a sanctuary setting for 5-6 years. His caregiver wrote me to say she found him dead of unknown causes yesterday morning.

Spread your wings, fabulous Billy. You were well loved by many caregivers on your final journey and now you go to the bridge where the mice are slow and the kibble flows freely. ~Venita


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April 15, 2013--Nothing new to report on Billy. Acts the same; looks the same. He did have a low BG incident a few weeks ago but he is doing better now. ~Venita


November 23, 2012--New photos of the adoptable Billy. His rescue Mom says he is doing well. "I think we are finally getting his insulin levels a bit more stable although still on the high side."

Playing with my friend George.
You will really like me.


Hi. I'm Billy.
September 19, 2012--Hi. I iz Billy. I iz a ten year-old, indoor cat and haz been living in a sanctuary in the Washington DC area for about four years. I don't think my b4-the-Sactuary Dad liked me cuz he made me live in the basement.

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I lost about two pounds in June 2011 and my sanctuary Mom took me to the vet. Yep, I'm diabetic. I have just changed to Lantus insulin, and am now on 5U BID.

Why so much insulin? Cuz I live with a bunch of other cats, my sanctuary Mom and her helpers can't control what I eatz--primarily Purina ONE dry food (salmon or chicken) and Friskies wet food occasionally. I have a gud appetite. I have never had diabetic ketoacidosis or a hypo, but I sleep a lot and I drink a lot of water.

Yes, I'm a big boy! Do I look fat?
I get along real good with these other catz, but I would like maybe fewer catz around. OK--lots less. I have experience with a Jack Russel Terrorizer, and I am not sure I know what "kids" are.

My sanctuary Mom sez I iz very easy going--sweet and lovable--but NOT a lap cat. (What is a lap?) She also says I am very good at the vet. I see the vettybean for what they callz diabetic curves.

I iz not a bed cat. I sleeps on the floor in a cat bed or on a cat tree.

I recently got my teefies cleaned, but the vettybean sez I still has some gingivitis issues. I got treated for ear mites and a slight URI last year. Those are things I thinks I getz from living with too many catz. I gotz all my shots, and I wuz FIV/FeLV negative last June.

I'm a happy boy.
My sanctuary Mom sez I iz such a sweet guy that I should have a better home life where I can be the center of attenshun and get proper care for my dire-beasties in my aging years. If you agree, please share me on Facebook and other places and if you think you might want to bring me into your home and heart, email

PS--There's bad and sad newz that may affect you opening your home and heart to me. We lost one of my kitty sanctuary mates last weekend. A possible reason for kitty-girlz death is Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). I don't know whether you know about FIP, so I'll tell you.

FIP is an almost always fatal condition resulting from the rare mutation of the common feline coronavirus. FIP is not something that one kitty can give another kitty. The underlying coronavirus can be transmitted, and lots of us kitties have the coronavirus, but the mutation of the coronavirus to the FIP virus is only cuz of a kitty's reaction to the coronavirus.

Vetty beans can't reliably test for FIP and is extremely difficult to diagnose. It is usually a diagnosis of exclusion, meaning that if nothing else seems to fit the symptoms, a vet might say a kitty's condition is probably FIP. There is no treatment and there is no effective vaccination.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis is a misnomer because the condition is not infectious and it is not peritonitis. The condition was named FIP before the vetty beans fully understood the sickness. The name stuck.

These are some links about the feline coronavirus and FIP. Please, when you are reading these, pay attention to the difference in information between the common feline coronavirus (FeCV or FeCoV) and the rare feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIP or FIPV).

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