Friday, August 31, 2012

Welcome Home, Josaphine!

October 8, 2014 -- After 22 months in her DCIN foster/adoptive home, accepting only petting, brushing, and brief snuggles from her new Mom, Josie has now decided that, yes, she would like to be a lap cat (thank you very much). ~Venita


I'm Josaphine, and
weigh down papers I can!
June 10, 2013--Josaphine has gotten her furever home and didn't have to pack her bags. Her foster Mom has said YES YES YES to this sweet (but not extra-sweet) girl. Thank you so much, Mom (and your other kitties), for working so hard with Jospahine the past six months. Welcome home, Jo!!

DCIN is spending $500 to make sure that Josaphine is all ready for her new home. We would like our friends to please help us by donating at this YouCaring fundraiser. Thanks!


December 21, 2012--We are so happy to announce that Josaphine has been moved into a DCIN foster home! Her foster mom made the brave move of picking her up today even through some rocky weather.

I know so many people helped share Josaphine's story and we hope you will still continue to find this beautiful girl a new home. She will no longer be in a basement and will be staying in a comfy guest room until she can be introduced to current cats who live in this home.

DCIN also needs your help to raise much needed money for supplies and to get Josaphine seen by a vet for an overall assessement in 6 weeks.Please consider donating to Josaphine's chip-in. ~Céline


December 11, 2012
Josaphine's mom sent us a new update today along with these lovely photos.  Just look how gorgeous this beautiful tortie is!

She writes "She has been doing well but feeling the cold in the basement the last few weeks and has taken to her basket bed for most nights."

We are still looking for a home for this beauty.  She will be boarding with the vet for one week over the holidays while no one is around to care for her.  Can we please try to find her a home for the holidays.  Email with questions ~Céline


December 03, 2012--Caitlin has sent us another photo of the very gorgeous Josaphine. Jo is extremely loving and is looking for a nice lap to lay in. She promises to serenade you with her beautiful purrs.

Foster/Adoption Application
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December 01, 2012--Josaphine is quickly running out of time. She is still living in a basement.  The last update from Cailtin said "She is miserable in the basement and her meowing at the door has not ceased.  She can be heard on the 2nd floor as well.  I bring her to my room whenever I am home. "

We need to find her a home within a few weeks or risk losing her forever.  Please share her information.  She is a very loving cat. ~Céline


September 18, 2012~Jo recently went to the vet and got good news.  She has gained weight and her BG levels are down.  

Jo is currently living in a basement and is craving attention.  She spends her days meowing at the basement door and would really love to find a home of her own.  She has plenty of love to give.  Please consider opening your heart to this little girl. 

Contact with any questions.


August 31, 2012:  Josaphine is a beautiful 12 year old, front declawed, spayed girl who needs a new home.  She absolutely loves people and is very affectionate.  She may not be a lap cat but she loves to be brushed and is very playful. 
Jo's person has fallen on hard times and she is currently living in a home where Jo has to stay in the basement.  She is going to be moving out of state soon and can't take Jo with her.  Once she moves Jo will lose her basement spot and will be put down.

For information please contact


Judys said...

I love you Jo <3

Susan said...

Rather than putting Josaphine down if no home is found, will they be trying a no-kill shelter who could take care of her until a home can be found? Or the local vets' offices? I'm not in a position to take Jo. But I am praying for a good solution.

Jack Ezel said...

Does da owner spend da night at home? If so, how come da kitty sleeps in da basement? She shud bring da kitty into da room wif her at night. I shared ewe on facebook, boo-tee-full grrl <3

Unknown said...

Susan-we will do everything we can to prevent losing this innocent life. Please share her story, sharing really does work

Jack-Jo does come up when his owner is home but that is not often enough. Otherwise she stays in the basement

Scruffyetc. said...

Oh, thank goodness. This cat's situation was breaking my heart. Thanks to whoever is fostering her. I wish I could have done it.