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Dominique in DCIN Foster Care in Coastal VA

April 18, 2103--YEAH! Dominique's foster Mom has her scheduled for a dental at the end of the month. Hopefully this will help with her regulation (which has been evasive).


March 7, 2013--Dom is a pro at warming laps.

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February 21, 2013--Our latest update on Dom:
She's adorable, both in appearance and behavior, a total lap cat. Adequan seems to be working well for her in terms of her mobility. She is still waddling in her walk but she is faster and a little smoother. The great news is that she can now jump up on the furniture, which she could not do before Adequan. The bad news is that she is still peeing out the entrance of the litterbox. Not sure if that will resolve in time and with further treatments of Adequan but I hope so. I use large storage container lids in front of all the boxes to catch the overshoot.
Big change in insulin, she is off Lantus. She is now on Levemir and doing better, we're working on regulation.

January 20, 2013-- Update from Dom's foster Mom

Dom is doing great-ish. She's just started Adequan for her mobility issues. I have sort of fixed the litterbox missing by installing large lids as catch trays under the fronts of all boxes. She thinks she's all the way in the box but she's not and since she's got balance, strength and joint pain issues, she doesn't hunch and the pee shoots right out of the box. This is NOT behavioral, it's physical. It took a very long time for me to isolate her problem, switching litter, litter boxes, litter box locations, etc etc etc. She's a very good girl and she is probably very embarrassed that she missed. 

She's at 3u and unregulated. I have just put her back on levemir because the lantus really did not work for her. It was so unsuccessful that we were up to 6u BID and still no good numbers. With Lev she's hovering in the 200s which is not what I want, but it's better than with the Lantus. So.. still working on regulation, but I think a lot is caused by joint pain and I'm hoping the Adequan will help that. 

She's a sweet angel, and very grateful to have a place where she gets delicious foods (Friskies pate) and nice beds to sleep in. She loves to be petted, and REALLY loves to beg for human food so I think she had a great deal of that in her past life. She is always starving. Always. She eats with wild abandon lol Also, no worries, we do not let kitties eat people foods here ;) 

She has settled in pretty well but she can be defensive if another kitty comes too close to her, lots of noise, and maybe a bat in their general direction, but no actual fighting. I believe it's because she's not as mobile as they are and she feels vulnerable. Overall, she's doing pretty well and she's an angel.

November 30, 2012--DCIN would like to get a little buffer into Dominique's DCIN account. We are placing the $300 that we would like to raise for Dom into our year-end fundraising effort.

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November 8,2012--Dom's "Mom" wrote on DCIN Facebook page.
I have an update on her integration issues: She has decided she will brave the gauntlet (3 others) to get human affection which she craves. She is learning to not fear the others the best she can. No one is antagonizing her, other than crazy Niko who wants to play, so it's working. I think she will be fine in a home with 2-3 other cats so long as there is patience! Dominique can not jump yet, so she would like for you to help her onto furniture so she can do her favorite thing: snuggle. She is far and away the most cuddly, most sweet, most social, most loving cat I've ever had the pleasure of having in my home. Little Miss Baby Doll loves raw food, and also loves ANY food, so if you are not a raw feeder, she loves both Friskies and Fancy Feast, and is ever so grateful for her food. She will even do little pirouettes for you! This little girl has a huge personality, and is the most perfect lap cat ever.

October 1, 2012-- Update from Dom's "Mom"...
Dom is now out and about with mine, hissing and spitting but doing a lot better. Still fat, but much less fat than she was. Skin condition all cleared up. Must have been the food she was on. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet kitty. Loves to cuddle, loves to wedge her head under your head. She'll sell herself. Having a harder time regulating her on Lantus than I'd like. I think it'd be better if we could get her OTJ.

September 8, 2012--Dominique, or "Baby Doll" as her foster mama calls her, is a darling! She is an absolute doll. She loves to snuggle into your neck and she purrs like mad. She is very social with humans - both male and female. She is extremely good with testing and LOVES canned food. She is currently eating Friskies and Fancy Feast and has tried raw which she she seems to like. She has some foot sensitivity to cat litter and must have a sandy of "soft" litter, otherwise there will be accidents. Could be due to her being declawed later in life. She is currently on 1unit of Lantus. It seems  probably best for her not to be around other female cats due to her past harassment from another female cat. She may have integration issues and a home with a low cat count would also help. She has been introduced several times to the other kitties in her foster home and she will run and hide every time.

July 24, 2012--Dominique's VERY TEMPORARY foster Mama Carolyn updated us about Dom yesterday evening:
The stunning lady Dominique gave us a run for our money yesterday when she refused to come out from under the bed. I was hoping she'd feel better about her new crashpad and be out by this morning but no dice there either. I had a break in my sched at noon and ran home to hang out with her again. Finally I got her to come out, by herself, and we had some cuddles. She's a doll, a sweet sweet baby girl. Fully of the hissy-spitties, but can't get enough neck and ear scritches, so she was purring in between the hissy-spitties. I was able to get a test off tonight and give her some insulin - she was only 279 after no insulin since 24-36 hours. She's been eating very well and using both litterboxes in the room, so I think the inappropriate urination thing is done. Tonight I started her on Levemir and chose 1/2u as our starting dose.

Her whole spine area feels broken out, lots of lumpy gritty something, hoping that's just allergies - it bothers her if you scratch it. Couldn't find any serious injuries or sores, but I was trying to be respectful of her person ;) so we'll check again and again until I'm sure she's alright. She's gonna make someone a very wonderful kitty!


July 23, 2012--Dom arrived at her foster home with Carolyn yesterday. In a FB post, Carolyn wrote--
My update is that I don't have much to report on her behavior, she's hightailed it under the bed. However she did come out and clean out her bowl of food, and she's had quite a bit to drink. She's also peed (appropriately!), in one of 2 litterboxes in her room. Oddly, it was my "test box" containing walnut shell non-clumping pellet litter. That was good info for my test. :) She's beautiful, small, maybe 11-12lbs, looks extremely healthy for a cat battling UTI and diabetes.. She's got very bright eyes, her coat is in awesome shape for a diabetic, shiny and minimal dandruff. I suspect she'll be OTJ rather quickly, but I haven't gotten her first test yet so we'll see about that later LOL. Not clear on her age, but I have to wonder if she's a lot younger than previously thought. She doesn't *look like* a 14 year old at all.


July 20, 2012--Dominique is heading to DCIN foster care on Sunday, July 22. She has gotten her rabies and distemper+ vaccinations, and has tested FIV/DeLV/Heartworm negative. Carolyn can only foster her a short while. Please consider bringing Dominique into your home and heart. ~Venita


June 16, 2012--DCIN is pulling Dominique into a TEMPORARY foster home. We are getting as much information about her as soon as we can. In the meanwhile, can you help us with a donation so that DCIN has money to vet and transport her to foster care? ~Venita


July 15, 2012--Meet Dominique. She is a large tuxedo, spayed and declawed, recently diagnosed with diabetes, and living in NC. She is good with dogs and is very loving. She will sleep in bed with you but is not quite a "lap cat." She will follow you around the house but being 14 she like her nap times as well. She is an indoor only cat that loves to "talk." Her current owner states she is fed in moderation otherwise she eats to fast and has a tendency to not keep her food down. She is a sweet girl that just needs love!

Dominique shares her home with a non-diabetic cat, Gigi. Although they both need re-homing, they do not need to be re-homed together. Gigi is also an indoor only cat. Gigi is a lean calico, spayed and declawed. She is shy but social once loved on. She is 8 years old and also very talkative, especially at dinner time. She is "tolerant" of Dominique but likes to taunt her. She is not fond of dogs but tolerates them. If you are interested in either or both of these kitties please contact
Nondiabetic Gigi

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