Saturday, July 28, 2012

Courtesy post: Brandy & Pookie, Mt. Vernon, NY

Brandy and Pookie with their new Mom.


July 29, 2012--We heard today that Brandy and Pookie have been adopted. Together. I love miracles. ~Venita


July 28, 2012: The following message was received by DCIN today. We are passing along the information; if anyone is interested please contact the shelter directly.

Contact: Meghan

Senior Best Friends Dog and Cat Brandy and Pookie

*ALREADY in Town Pound and Awaiting Rescue*

Brandy the Cocker Spaniel is a 10 yr old female spayed up to date on shots. She also has cushings disease and is on meds for that she is on PPA for leaking only 3 times a week one pill. Pookie the cat was born in 1999. He is diabetic but controlled w food no meds. The cat is scared to death! The cat jumped out of the litter box when he saw the dog and they are laying together now. The cat hasn't eaten and their is grave concern about the blood sugar. They are so excited about being together. They are both VERY sweet animals. They are at the Mt Vernon Animal Shelter in Mt Vernon, NY.

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