Saturday, June 30, 2012

GiveAway--Fantasy Sculpture

July 1, 2012--Wicked Sairah creates incredible fantasy sculptures of animals--and she has offered a commissioned piece as a FUNraiser for Diabetic Cats in Need. There would be nothing more FUN than to have a fantasy sculpture of your pet--one that brings out your pet's true personality as a pirate or a diva.
Imagine your Fluffy or Fido dueling with her internal devil and angel.
Which would win?

Would Tigger be one to stop and smell the flowers?

Think of Princess as a pirate or checkered wench.

Perhaps you want your baby to always remember
her first fur friend.
You can see more of Wicked Sairah's Deviant Art here.

As always, this is NOT a raffle. This is a Naffle. Anyone can have one entry to the Naffle by sending an email to No strings attached.

But I would like you to donate to DCIN to help the sugar cats. For each $10 donation, you will get an additional entry in the Naffle. And you can have three entries for a $25 donation. You can use the PayPal button below to make donations.

Donations for Diabetic Cats

I am running this Naffle through July 26. After that, I will be in London for the Olympics.

GOOD LUCK to all who enter. And a huge hug and extra long belly rub to Wicked Sairah for donating her time and talent to DCIN.

~MIKEY! the DCIN FUNraising Spokescat

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