Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soft Jazz CD--Sounds Familiar

June 3, 2011--Tomorrow, I will be randomly choosing a winner!! Someone who through today buys  one or more CDs or licenses of Sounds Familiar will get her/his full purchase price refunded--getting all the music s/he bought for free. So, please, choose to donate to DCIN today by buying one or more CDs or licenses. You might wake up to a very happy surprise tomorrow morning!! ~MIKEY! the FUNraising Spokescat


May 28,2012--Is twenty bucks a CD too much for you? Do you have the technology to burn your own CDs? Great!! I will sell you the license to burn your own CD of Sounds Familiar, with the file for the LightScribe label and the PDF of the cover, for only twelve bucks per license. Sound reasonable? Let me know.

Help DCIN on one of the two biggest FUNraisers during the year. ~MIKEY!~

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April 24, 2012--Hello!! This is Mikey, DCIN's new FUNraising spokescat. This is my first BIG FUNraiser--the annual Spring FUNraiser.

If you've been around awhile, you know Milan Mowson. He has previously done three jazz winter holiday CDs for animal rescue, including one for DCIN. Now Milan (known to some of you as Simon) has slowed down the tempo and created a soft jazz CD for DCIN. The name of the CD is Sounds Familiar, and the pieces Milan/Simon included will indeed sound familiar. This is the playlist of the 13 tracks.

  • Autumn Leaves
  • Blackbird 
  • Have You Met Miss Jones? 
  • We Will Meet Again 
  • The More I See You 
  • Old Man River 
  • Someday My Prince Will Come 
  • Oklahoma! Medley 
  • Israel 
  • Girl from Ipanema 
  • Invitation 
  • My Funny Valentine 
  • Memphis Stomp
My favorite is the Oklahoma! Medley. My first Mom played Ado Annie in a local production of Oklahoma! and I would tap my tail when she practiced songs like I Can't Say No and All Er Nuthin' in our living room.

My foster Dad Marc helped me to make this video about the CD. I hope you like it. It includes one of the tracks from the CD.

Please buy a bunch of CDs. They will make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, new home and new baby events, and even host/hostess gifts when you are invited for dinner or a BBQ. The laid-back sound of this CD will delight anyone who receives it (well except maybe those purple-haired people who blast their music at extreme decibels).

~MIKEY, having a happy morning promoting Sounds Familiar.


Maine Kitties said...

Ooooo.....I wish the holiday one was available for DCIN... I'd buy a couple of THOSE!

Venita said...

Maine Coon,

Simon created three different holiday CDs for three different pet rescues. I have masters of all three of them here and can burn whichever ones you want for them. Tell me if you want me to pull them out and let you know about them. You won't get the original cover art, though.

JazzDoc said...

C'mon folks ... We need to move some CDs and/or licences! If you enjoyed 'Maintaining Standards' and 'Something Old, Something New' then I'm sure you will like 'Sounds Familiar'. The Christmas CDs were great fun to record. I'm glad that there is still interesting.

Please remember that whatever you buy, every cent goes to DCiN to support the great work that Venita is doing.

Thank you