Thursday, April 19, 2012

Welcome Home Pumpkin!!

July 20, 2012--We heard today that Pumpkin is now safe and sound in a permanent home that has cared for diabetic cats for over ten years. He is very happily settling into his new digs! Welcome home, Pumpkin!!


May 6, 2012:   Sweet Pumpkin has an upper respiratory infection which is on the mend.  Still at the shelter getting insulin twice a day, he would love a home all his own.


April 23, 2012-- We have moved Pumpkin to "Urgent." Pumpkin is safe in that the shelter has no plans for PTS, but it is a shelter and that's a terrible place for a diabetic cat.


 April 19, 2012:  In need of immediate placement, sweet Pumpkin is a 10 year young neutered male who is with a shelter in North Dakota.

The shelter is overwhelmed with many other cats who need their resources and are doing a wonderful job with Pumpkin but he would do so much better in a home with proper diet and lots of love.

He was brought to the shelter because his original owner had to go into a nursing home.

DCIN will be sending supplies to the shelter for Pumpkin's care, but would be much happier if we could help him by finding a home instead.


nursenessie said...

Where in ND is this handsome fellow?

Venita said...

Grand Fork