Friday, April 6, 2012

Billie--Fly free, dear girl

A healthy Miss Billie
April 20, 2012--Mama J sent me a picture of Billie. What a gorgeous girl she was. She also gave me a bit of her history:
My family was in love with her for a year before she allowed us to rescue her. My dad noticed her one day on the grounds of the factory where he worked. She has a long history. It's heartbreaking that she's gone.


April 14, 2012--Billie came home on Monday, April 9, and Mama J was working very hard to feed her through the tube and get her back to health. Billie had a bright Wednesday morning, but by Wednesday evening, she had crashed and was showing urinary ketones. Mama J borrowed a friend's credit card and took her to an nearby ER that pronounced Billie back in DKA, gave her IV fluids, and suggested that Mama J take her to her local vet in the morning for more fluids.

On Thursday morning, the local vet said that they could not deal with that complicated a case and referred Mama J back to emergency/specialty hospital. I called the hospital and negotiated with a vet for 24 hour care for $400 to $600/day. When the vet examined Billie, she found her that her bloodwork from the night before showed her more jaundiced (liver failing), all her electrolytes "off," and many other internal organs in distress.

The vet suggested euthanasia. Mama J and I agreed to hospitalize Billie and take it a day at a time.

On Friday morning, after hearing that Billie's bloodwork had improved some but that she was still showing significant urinary ketones, Mama J decided to let Billie go. She did not want to put Billie through any more. Mama J felt badly that DCIN had paid for a feeding tube and hospitalization, without changing the outcome. I agreed with Mama J's decision to give Billie relief from her Earthly body, and said that DCIN would pay for the cremation and the return of the cremains. (DCIN has paid for cremation with other financial assistance cases.)

Although it is difficult for people to find a place in their hearts and pocketbooks to donate for a cat that DCIN and the vets were not able to save, I ask for people still to consider donating. The more DCIN has to use its general fund to fund the past care for Billie that we already committed to (and put on our credit card), the less we have for the financial assistance cats and the rehoming cats we already have in the system and that will be coming in (although we are trying to slow down the rehomings with out moratorium).

I really do not want to put a moratorium on our financial assistance cases. ~Venita


April 9, 2012--Billie survived the feeding tube surgery on Friday (the vets were concerned she was so weak that she wouldn't), and over the weekend the vets have been able to stabilize her potassium and move her from R to Lantus insulin. She has tolerated the feeding tube well, and is now up to receiving 30 ml of food 4 times/day. The hope is she will be able to come home with Mama J today.

If you can, please help with the chip-in. DCIN is nowhere close to receiving the donations it needs to fund this emergency visit.

April 6, 2012--Billie is a post-DKA cat that is still showing ketones and needs a feeding tube. Her Mom, J, contacted DCIN for help and we have just now sent Billie back to the emergency/specialty clinic for treatment. The feeding tubes and the associated 3 days of hospitalization cost DCIN about $2,000, a balance that we do not have. Please help us help J and Billie get through this crisis.

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