Thursday, March 1, 2012

Would you Like a Free Custom Painting of Your Pet?

March 16, 2012--We have a winner. We have a winner. Claudia Keating. Congratulations!!!

Claudia, please share your original photo and the finished painting with us so that we can all admire it.

For those who might be want to commission a painting of their own pet(s) from Jude Abbe, this is her website.


DCIN Fundraising
March 1, 2012--Welcome one, welcome all!! This is Ennis, the DCIN fundraising spokescat!!

I am giving away a custom pet painting by Jude Abbe, Jen's Mom. (Jen is fostering Luna for DCIN. Just a reminder that perky, pretty Luna needs her own home and heart.)

Jude will custom create a 20" by 20" oil painting of your pet--dog, cat, horse--from a photograph you supply. It will be on a stretched canvas, ready for framing. Jude usually sells paintings like these for $700. DCIN will ship the finished painting to you.

This is a painting that Jude made of Jen's cat Bugsie. It is so true to life, and so expressive of Bugsie's soul, don't you think? What a wonderful piece for Jen to have to always remind her of her dear Bugsie.

Bugsie's Photo
Bugsie's Painting

More examples of Jude Abbe's work are on her website here.

This IS NOT a raffle or lottery. You need not give a single cent to DCIN to enter the give-away for Jude Abbe's custom painting of your pet. However, DCIN is hoping that you will donate to its general fund in conjunction with this give-away. We suggest that DCIN's friends contribute to support one diabetic cat for $10, two diabetic cats for $20, or three diabetic cats for $25.

You can donate for as many cats as you want. (That's my way of saying you should donate a lot.)

If you want to enter this give-away without donating for any cats, you can do so by sending my Mom an email with your name. The address is Just put "Painting Give-away" in the subject line. Do that, and she will enter you in this painting give-away.

Below is a PayPal button to donate for one to three cats and to simultaneously give my Mom contact info about you for this painting give-away. You also can write Mom at her email address and she will give you an address for a check or money order to donate for the cats.

Donations for Diabetic Cats

If you happen to send Mom a note through PayPal, please do not use the words lottery or raffle. Using those words is simply going to annoy PayPal. This give-away is neither. This give-away is our way of attracting interest in the work of DCIN and donations for that work. If you have questions, email Mom at Tell her I sent you.

I will be picking the person who receives this custom painting using a random number generator. Strictly on the up-and-up. So even my Mom can enter.

History note: This started out as a raffle in which we offered chances for $10 each, with three for $25. However, having a raffle violated PayPal's terms of use and risked DCIN's PayPal account. Therefore, we have changed this to be a give-away. However, we ask that those entering for the painting make a donation for one or more DCIN cats. We need the funds. Thank you very much.

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