Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stumpy was Adopted!!

March 15, 2012--Stumpy was adopted over the weekend! Our shelter contact tells me "A wonderful couple came in and just fell in love with her right away. We are so happy for her, although I will admit I miss my amazing office cat." DCIN is sending her new folks a meter and test strips as Stumpy's welcome home gift.


Stumpy is a 3 1/2-footed, diabetic cat living in Austin Pets Alive! From that write-up:
Her name is Stumpy because she is missing a foot! Her history is a mystery, because she was dropped off at a shelter, but it doesn't matter because her presence is such a gift. Stumpy has no idea that she has a disability - she takes her time moving around, but runs when she needs to and is a litterbox champ. She's a normal kitty who wants to be petted and have a loving, playful relationship with her very own human.

Stumpy is also diabetic - she receives a small amount of insulin once every morning. A bottle of insulin costs about $100, but it lasts for 4 or more months. Austin Pets Alive will help you learn how to manage feline diabetes, and will show you how to give an insulin shot like a pro - it's not difficult. Again, don't call Stumpy disabled - a little bit of insulin and she's good to go!

Stumpy must be an indoor-only kitty, and she would prefer to live in a quiet home as the Queen Bee - but she would be happy to hang out with some older, mellow kitties, too. She is calm and sweet and has been relaxed and affectionate around children, but of course you want to make sure that children don't play rough with her.

To recap: Yes, Stumpy has 3 1/2 feet. Yes, she's diabetic. Yes, she's getting older. But she is a sweet, loving joy, and if you like to take care of grateful pets, we would love for you to meet Stumpy. She'd particularly like to rub her head on you. She is a special needs kitty looking for a special caretaker - let that be you!

The woman who wrote me about Stumpy said:
Stumpy is actually my office cat here in the development office since she has been with us so long and we wanted her to have some extra space and love. We would be so appreciative if you could help us spread the word about her and help us find her home - she is a super lovely cat, gets along great with dogs, and just loves to get a good chin rub.

If you think you might be interested in giving Stumpy a forever home, please contact her DCIN Case Manager at

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