Monday, January 9, 2012

Welcome Home, Raven!!

Raven at home with new Mom Becky

October 31, 2012~ Remember this little black beauty??  Raven has been thriving under the care of her new mom Becky.   Raven has been spoiled with an all raw diet and between that and mom's hard work guess what happened?!  She joined the OTJ club!  That is right another diabetic kitty not requiring insulin.

Aren't they purrfect together??  Thank you Becky for the udpate and the new photo of Raven.  ~Céline

April 28, 2012--DCIN recently received this update on Raven.
Raven has just fit in with us like any perfect glove, she is really ruler of the roost with her years of wisdom and loves to watch the havoc that Icky loves to create! Her #s seem to be doing o.k. I have learned what an appetite she has and think she is doing great keeping her weight good and exercising daily with our stairs.


January 31, 2011~This little black beauty has safely arrived to her new home after a long flight. She was very hungry and wanted out of her carrier but she was sleeping comfortably in her new home in no time. Welcome home Raven! ~Céline


January 28, 2011--Raven has snagged a new furever home in the Pacific Northwest, and her current Mom will be flying Raven to her new Mom on Monday. We wish Raven safe travels, and the best with her new Mom Becky!! ~Venita


January 20, 2012--Raven's Mom contacts DCIN Case Manager Celine frequently asking whether DCIN has yet found Raven a home.

Please, could someone please choose Raven so that Mom doesn't have to consider an unthinkable decision? Raven is our highest priority for a new home. If you would like to give Raven a home and your heart, please email ~Venita


January 13, 2012--We heard yesterday from Raven's Mom that Raven's adoption is now a 911 situation. Another cat in the household has been diagnosed with lymphoma, will need extensive care, and that "it is now imperative the Raven get a new home so there is no conflict with the ill kitty's care and feeding."


January 08, 2012--Meet Raven, a beautiful Maine Coon mix who is all black with white whiskers. She is 9 years old, spayed and front declawed. She was diagnosed with diabetes in November 2010.

Her current mom is a flight attendant and feels that she can no longer give Raven the care that she deserves. It causes her a lot of stress and worry when she has a flight cancellation or delay and cannot treat Raven's diabetes properly.

Raven is quite the mellow cat. She gets along with 3 other rescue kitties plus one large German Shepherd. Not much ruffles this girl and she just so happens to be smart as a whip. She has a lot of personality and is quite the character.

She is currently on an all wet food diet and received 2 units of Lantus twice a day. Raven is current on all of her vaccinations and is spayed.

Since Raven's mom is a flight attendant she would arrange to fly with Raven right to you.

If you have room in your home for the beautiful Raven please contact her Case Manager at with any questions you may have.

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jabbify said...

Maine Coon's have the best disposition, always gentle, friendly and playful!!!