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Sandy in DCIN Foster is ADOPTED! She is now Sarjenka!

August 17, 2014-- Well, its about time this blog was updated! Our favorite torti girl, Sandy, has been in her new home since June 2nd, and has a new name to go with her new life. She is now Sarjenka.  She has had a hard time trusting her kitty brother after all the cat drama in her foster home, and there is sometimes screaming, but Bear handles it with aplomb. Sarjenka knows he won't hurt her and there have been no injuries. 

She is very comfortable with her new mom, and was cuddling and giving kitty kisses from the second day. Sarjenka loves to play with catnip pillows, and toy mice.  She still likes to hang out in her safe room (the walk in closet) at times, but is out in the main room a lot more, and sleeps by her Mom's head, purring of course!
There is a fundraiser to raise the funds needed for her dental next week.
Sarjenka Needs a Dental

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November 23, 2013--Sandy's foster home situation has improved, and she is now much friendlier and relaxed with her foster Mom. The foster Mom temporarily re-homed her resident cat that was being aggressive toward Sandy. We now see that Sandy is a personable girl and that she gets along with non-aggressive cats. We will continue to monitor the situation, but this now makes it even more important that DCIN find Sandy her own that the foster Mom can bring her resident kitty back home.
August 1, 2013--Sandy is DCIN's August 2013 Kitty of the Month. We hope to have an adoption commitment for Sandy before the end of the month.

Sandy, a classic tortoishell, is maybe four years old now (found by her original family as a stray) and lives in DCIN foster care in coastal VA. Sandy has been in DCIN foster care for about 18 months. Sandy's original family didn't want her because she turned diabetic (induced by steroids given for an ear inflammation) and Sandy's diabetes needed more attention than they cared to give because they had a new baby. Sandy hasn't required insulin since she's been in DCIN's care. Sandy has been in DCIN foster care in two different homes for almost 18 months. She gets overlooked, we think, because she is a "plain Jane" that doesn't smile in her photos and because she can be easily intimidated by strong-willed kittehs. In her present home she stays in her own room because another kitty is aggressive towards her and growls, hisses, claws, and arches his back anytime her door is opened. Sandy "no longer runs in terror when I come in if he is by the door, but looks out at him curiously." But a quiet home with few, friendly kittehs might be just the ticket for Miss Sandy. Following is a gallery of new photos of Sandy that we will grow as the month progresses.

My foster Mom says I have a "girl next door" type personality.
I love to be held and petted, and I ask my foster Mom
for attention when she comes into my room.
Hi. I'm Sandy. I'm in a foster home in VA.
Everybody sez I'm pretty, but no one seems to want me to
come live forever in their heart. That makes me sad.
Iz an easy-going cat, but shy.
I don't wants to live with a bunch of rough-house kittehs,
but if you haz one or two quiet, friendly kittehs, mebbe you haz room for me too?
Mellow, that's what I am and what I need.
So puleeze (*sniff*) love me and let me love you.
Sandy loves to be brushed!
She gets the cutest little smile on her face while you brush her back and neck.
She LOVES her scratching post.
She will run over and "attack" it and look so fierce while she claws away.
18 months ago, Sandy showed up as a backyard stray.
The fanily had a new baby and could not treat or keep Sandy.
Lots of DCIN's FB friends wanted a better solution for Sandy than death,
so DCIN brought her into foster care.
Sandy immediately went OTJ -- she didn't need insulin.
Iz small and I planz to stay model thin.
Sumtimes I don't eat if sumthing upsets my karma.
My fur coat looks dusty, but itz my tortie coloring.
I shedz a lot, but I luvs being brushed so you can keep it under control.

Sandy does a little dance before getting fed.
She will go in a figure 8 shape, all the while purring and twirling her tail about.
She likes a good pat on the head before putting her bowl down.
Foster/Adoption Application
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March 24, 2013--Sandy was moved to a new foster home but one of the resident cats does not like her too much. Her current foster mom writes this about Sandy "Sandy is doing well. Her previous stomach issues cleared up with some diet change (I am not sure any FF canned will agree with her). She is still by herself in the room because Zeus still just really hates her, and Toby who loves her is very sick and I don't want him exposing her to anything. I feel bad she's isolated because she has come out of her shell and gotten really friendly and sweet. She rolls over for belly rubs and purrs when someone comes in her room. I will try to get you some photos soon too. She doesn't photograph well indoors but I'm thinking about taking her on the deck on a cat leash on a nice sunny day. I love Sandy but she isn't integrating well with my butthead Balinese cat, so if someone else out there would love a sweet cuddly torti friend to sit in their lap when they read or use the laptop, I hope they find her. I feel so bad she still isn't out of my foster room with space to roam. :( **********************************************************************************************************  
January 3, 2013--On January 5, Sandy will start her ground transport to a new DCIN foster home in Southeast Virginia. It is a wonderful home where she will get more personalized attention. The new foster Mom already is in contact with Beth, DCIN's behavior consultant, planning for Sandy's socialization to her new family--people and kitties. We are starting a vetting fund for Sandy, should you care to donate. (Removed Chip-in widget.)


December 22, 2012--Due to extenuating circumstances, Sandy will be losing her foster home very soon. Originally she was given only until December 12, 2012 to stay there, so every day she is there on borrowed time. She is still diet controlled and has not received insulin since she went into foster back in February 2012. She still spends most of her time in the laundry room with only a baby gate to separate her from the other animals in the house, but she frequently ventures into her foster mom's bedroom and cuddles up for hours on her bed. ****************************************************************************************  

October 9, 2012--Sandy is such a sweet girl but won't leave her room unless her foster mom takes her out. The door to her room is open and the other cats in the house can visit her but she won't leave. Her foster mom feels bad that she is alone so much and really thinks Sandy need her own space, with maybe just one other cat, where she feels comfortable to roam. DCIN has moved Sandy to 911. She has been in foster care since February, and it is time to get her her own home and heart.  ***********************************************************************************  

July 25, 2012--Sandy spent most of the day out of "her room" and was snuggled up on her foster mom's bed. She is still having a hard time adjusting to the other female cat in the home but has learned to tolerate her. She is still insulin free, eating wet food only. ********************************************************************************  

May 31, 2012--Sandy is making progress. She is wanting out of her "safe room" and is now spending some time in other rooms of her foster mom's house. She is beginning to tolerate the dogs in the house and is still just as lovable to her foster mom. *******************************************************************************  

May 14, 2012-- Sandy had a potential adopter but the plan to adopt Sandy fell through. The person felt it would be better to adopt a non diabetic kitty. Poor Sandy is such a sweet girl who just loves attention and being petted. Her foster mom states "She's been a "dream" and the perfect foster". ********************************************************************************  

April 25, 2012--Sandy is still with her foster mom and doing very well. She was taken to the vet and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. She is not getting any insulin and her latest BG was 61. Her foster mom reports, "Sandy is getting so comfy with me. She's curling up on me to nap and sleeping on the guest bed. In the letter her old mom wrote she said Sandy rarely got on the furniture." "She's doing so great...She's definitely living the good life." ***********************************************************************************  
February 27, 2011-- Sandy arrived at her foster home on 02/12/2011. She is settling in but is lonely being in a room by herself. She has not had any insulin since she arrived at her foster home. She is being home tested and will allow her foster mom to test her. Her BG's are staying in the 80's and she is eating a wet food only diet. "Sandy was so sweet last night, I went in to see her and take her some food, and she greeted me with a meow and when I sat down to talk to her she gave me kisses on my forehead," said her foster Mom on the first night Sandy was there. Sandy will be retested to confirm her FIV/FeLV status as her previous owner was not able to do so before she went into her foster home. *********************************************************************************  

February 6, 2011--Sandy will be moving this upcoming weekend to a DCIN foster home. This will be a ground transport, and if you can help drive between Bloomsburg PA and Lock Haven PA, please contact Claudia of DCIN's Transport Team at Shannon, the woman who was going to foster Sam before we found he had a broken leg, will be Sandy's foster Mom, but her availability for fostering is limited. We have downgraded Sandy from a 911, but are keeping her as Urgent. Also, because Sandy is now a DCIN foster cat, we would like to build a small fund for her vetting and other out-of-pocket costs. If you can donate, Sandy certainly would appreciate it. (Removed chip-in widget.) **************************************************************************  

January 7, 2011--DCIN has changed Sandy's case management from Carl to Venita. In going through emails, I see that Sandy is presently an only and her family doesn't know how she might do with other pets. Sandy is not happy with the new baby, but her family let us know that Sandy is no longer getting the amount of attention she did before the baby. Sandy saw the vet on December 14, and Sandy's Mom gave us this report:
Sandy has stopped drinking/urinating so much, and has actually GAINED weight. The Dr. was baffled and thinks perhaps Sandy was borderline diabetic and when she received a steroid shot weeks ago for an ear infection and that may have triggered the diabetes. Unfortunately her bladder was empty so we couldn't get a reading. I am going to try and collect a sample, but if not I will take her back to the vet for them to try again.
After the return visit, the vet left the Mom a phone message saying that Sandy is diabetic, doesn't have ketones, and that the diet change is helping. Sandy started on 1U Lantus BID on December 28. She is not being home tested although DCIN has offered to help with that. ~Venita

December 11, 2011-- Sandy in Lake Katrine, NY needs a new home ASAP! Sandy is a 3 year-old spayed female recently diagnosed with diabetes. Sandy is a former stray taken in by a young couple who just had a new baby. Since that time, Sandy has been doing poorly, and last week she went to the vet who ran a blood panel showing a blood glucose level of 661! No other conditions or complications were noted at diagnosis. Tests for ketones were negative at that time, but blood sugar is critically high.
DCIN received an anonymous email alerting us to a flyer posted asking for a new home for Sandy. At this time, she is not receiving any insulin. Sandy's family would like to find her a new home as soon as possible. She has been switched to a low-carb diet of canned Fancy Feast classics recommended by DCIN. A follow-up visit to the vet is scheduled for this week. Information will be updated as it becomes available. Please help! Sandy's case manager is Venita at

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