Monday, December 26, 2011

Oreo is Home!!

January 30, 2013--It's official! Oreo found his forever home with his foster family! He has a special bond with his new dad and his "human" sister loves to photograph him. He is still on insulin but much better regulated, that is until he finds food he shouldn't eat. He's been known to find a bag of Doritos and loves to stick his nose in the mayonaise jar!


03/19/2012~ Jenn F, one of DCIN's amazing case managers took a road trip this weekend to visit Oreo and his new foster mom Rachel. Jenn was able to answer any questions and concerns that Rachel had. As well she got to spend some time with Oreo and his new foster family. Marc, Jenn F's fiancée was able to snap this beautiful photo of Oreo, Rachel and Jenn F.

Oreo is looking very handsome but he still needs to gain a few pounds to fill out. He is getting amazing care and love in his new home! Look at that pink nose! ~Céline

03/13/2012~Oreo went home today with his new Foster Mom. He is playing shy cat and is needing a little space but he has been living in a cage for the past few months and is probably not sure what a big loving home feels like anymore. He will soon discover how loving his new foster family is. Feel better soon Oreo and I hope you feel right at home very soon

03/05/2012~Oreo has been living in a cage for way too long. The very kind vet who saved him from being put to sleep needs him to be in a home very, very soon which puts this sweet boy at risk. He is very loving, regulated on his insulin and needs a home. Please help him find one.

12/28/2011-- Oreo was surrendered to the vet clinic in Kenilworth, NJ. He is currently being treated with Prozinc insulin, is feeling a little better and is eating well. Further blood tests will be done this week to assess his current condition. Oreo was originally diagnosed as a diabetic this past August, and has not been treated until now. We are working with the clinic staff to try our best to find Oreo a loving furever home as soon as possible. Oreo is responding to the initial treatment and loving all of the attention he's been getting this week! Please share his story with all of your sugarcat loving friends! Anyone interested in providing a home for Oreo should contact his Case Manager, Céline at Cé


12/26/2011--Oreo was to be an owner surrender to a vet's office before Christmas. DCIN is still trying to find out where he is and what we can do to save him. We will let you know when we know.

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