Monday, December 19, 2011

Murray was Adopted!!

December 23, 2011:  What a lovely picture.  Thank you to Murray's new furparents and the hero ACO in Fairfield who saved him.

He is a holiday story that brings tears to my eyes.  Watch these videos and you can feel the warmth and love and get an idea of what a wonderful life Murray has in store for him.

Good luck little man!!

December 20, 2011:  Thanks to the many friends of DCIN who shared Murray's story he is going to a wonderful home.  A lovely couple is driving 4 hours each way to adopt their new little man.   He must be excited because his current blood sugar levels have been in the 60s and 70s without insulin since the morning of the 19th.  Best of luck in your new forever home little man.


December 19, 2011:  Murray is a 9 year young neutered male, FIV/FeLV negative and just about the sweetest cat anyone would ever meet.  He is at risk for euthanasia and there is no chance of stopping that except for an adoption.

He was surrendered to Animal Control in Fairfield, CT.  The hero ACO could not bear to let him be put down without at least trying. She learned about DCIN and contacted us immediately.  We were able to supply canned food and the necessary supplies but his reprieve is only good for as long at the cage is not needed.  Hero ACO is an amazing lady and we are very thankful she did not let Murray get put down immediately but we don't have much time.

He is very good with people, so easy to test and to give insulin too and he's easy going.  With all the commotion in the cat room nothing bothered him.  I got to meet him tonight and we tested his ears a lot and he was a perfect gentleman the entire time.  So perfect he gave us a BG of 62!  He was on Humulin N but tomorrow will switch to Lantus and will start the transition to canned food.

His PetFinder Page says Murray is a beautiful male classic silver Domestic Shorthair Tabby. He has already been neutered and is declawed. He was loved dearly by his previous owner, who could no longer keep him due to her granddaughter falling ill with animal allergies and asthma. Murray is a gentle and mellow cat who is in need of a good home. Unfortunately, Murray is also a Feline Diabetic. He receives a simple insulin shot along with his morning feedings and another insulin shot before he goes to bed at night. He is very good about receiving the shots and thinks nothing of them. Murray would make a great companion for anyone who is willing to take in a kitty that has this one small special requirement.

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