Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brooklyn (previously known as Micki) Loves her New Home!!

November 9, 2011--Jeanne called me last evening. She is so in love with Brooklyn, and Brooklyn is very happy at home with Jeanne. Now that Brooklyn appears to be over her URI (she had to be vetted for this shelter bug), Jeanne is starting the introductions to her other cats. Brooklyn gets a few hours every day in the common area of the house with the other cats closed up. That way smells are exchanged. Face-to-face introductions are in the near future.
Brooklyn loves on her new Mom, Jeanne

And Brooklyn has had no need for insulin since coming to live with Jeanne and being on a species-appropriate raw diet.

Jeanne and I both were concerned about Brooklyn when she first came home because she did not like handling. That is now over. Brooklyn knows she has a furever home where cats are treasured.


October 18, 2011--Brooklyn is doing so much better. To quote Jeanne, "I couldn't be happier with how she is doing." Her food intake has doubled since she arrived at her new home. She is well hydrated. She is talking and playing. Brooklyn is getting Lysine daily (for her stuffy nose) and B12 (for general health). If Brooklyn continues to have a stuffy nose by week's end, she will go to the vet.

Brooklyn hasn't yet met the resident cats, except through the door. But Jeanne does not expect a problem with the introductions.

And, the last Jeanne tested Brooklyn's blood glucose, she was 84 mg/dl. A non-diabetic number!!


October 14, 2011--Brooklyn, the tabby formerly known as Micki, is settling in with Jeanne. She has her own room for the time being. For a few days she had slowed down eating and sniffling a bit, so Jeanne started giving her Lysine, trying to ward off an upper respiratory infection, and subQ fluids for dehydration. This seems to have helped as Brooklyn doesn't seem as grumpy. Brooklyn is peeing and pooping well, and in her box.

Jeanne believes Brooklyn has a history of not being treated well. She doesn't like being touched on certain parts of her body--belly, head, and tail. But Jeanne says Brooklyn is coming around.


Poor frightened Micki, abandoned for being diabetic.
October 4, 2011--See this Facebook page.

DCIN is trying to help a potential adopter by paying for Micki's health certificate and Continental Cargo flight to a new heart and home in Indiana.

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