Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jimmy and Arnie in VA need a home together, owner passed away

January 9, 2011--We have heard that Jimmy and Arnie were adopted by a family member in Florida. Welcome home, boys!!


September 22, 2011: We have more information to share about these two very special boys. From a family member we received the following:

James Earl Jones (Jimmy, the black one) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Arnie, the red one) are big cats who spent most of their adult life being a lot bigger. Jimmy weighs about 22 lbs. and used to weigh as much as 28 lbs. Arnie weighs about 23 lbs. and used to weigh as much as 33 lbs. These are the highest weights I have seen on their medical records, but I have only seen the last few years of their medical records.

Jimmy has been diabetic for at least five years, since before I started helping to care for them. Arnie was diagnosed as borderline diabetic in 2009 and just started insulin last winter. Neither cat has leukemia, AIDS or any other chronic condition that would compromise their insulin. Jimmy has had some urinary tract problems. Both cats are neutered and up-to-date on their vaccines.

[in response to my question as to why the high dose and was he tested for high dose conditions] I don't know what to tell you about Jimmy's insulin dosage. I do remember that he went through a big health crisis about four years ago. His diabetes got a lot worse, he lost weight down to where he is now, and the vet did months of testing trying to get his insulin level right. Jimmy got better and has been stable since then (except for a very bad bladder infection in January 2010) at this dosage. The vet said his glucose level looked good at his checkup in May.

Jimmy's health is stable, but he is the more frail cat. He doesn't have much appetite. I give him wet food (CD) in the morning to put his pills in. He doesn't like it, but will eat some of it. Arnie usually finishes it. They both eat the dry DM food in the morning and the evening.

September 18, 2011: These two littermates have spent their entire lives together. They are so well loved and sweet. Just look at how handsome they are. At 12 yrs of age, who can blame them for wanting to stay together.

Sadly their mom has passed away. The family has been taking care of them in her home, but they are lonely and need a new home of their own. They are in the Washington DC area.

Family will help with costs for anyone who adopts them.

Currently on Lantus insulin and eating prescription food.

Jimmy is getting 8 Units of Lantus BID and Arnie 1 Unit BID. I have asked the family if Jimmy was confirmed to have a high dose condition because that is a very high dose of insulin for a kitty which I'm told is not doing well on insulin.

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I hope these sweet babies find a loving home soon.