Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tre in Downers Grove IL, 8-9yr old neutered male

September 2, 2011, Fly Free Sweet Tre - We received sad news today about Tre. From the wonderful folks at the shelter, they said:"On a sad note, the older cat "Tre" (known at Save-a-Pet as "Randy Travis"), that you guys had tried to place before he was returned to Save-a-Pet at 13.5 years old, had to be humanely euthanized this morning. He went to the emergency clinic with troubles breathing at 5am this morning. He had gone into DKA, and a chest x-ray found that he had a large mass in his lung that had ruptured. This was causing him to have air buildup in his chest cavity, and likely caused the DKA as well. His kidneys and liver were affected on top of all of this too. I was there with him when he passed over to the Rainbow bridge, and it was very peaceful."

We don't have a picture of Tre
August 27, 2011--Some OK news about Tre. Not the best news, but OK. We will try to find out where he is going. This from the person who first told Rebecca about Tre.

"I asked our veterinarian some more questions, and learned that her client had adopted Tre from a large, well-known, well-respected, cageless, no-kill shelter just outside Chicago. I don't know why the client didn't think to return the cat there. I called the former executive director, who I know personally, and made sure she felt the staff and volunteers were up to caring for a diabetic cat. She said they were. So I called the shelter and left a voice message. I explained who I was, how I got involved, the cat's name and description, and stated that Tre is diabetic and our vet would be happy to provide information. I gave them our vet's name, hospital name and phone number. They are in the same geographic area. I do not expect the shelter to call me, because I'm not involved from their perspective. I never had possession of the cat. I do know that the shelter has an on-site staff veterinarian, and that our vet will provide the blood panel results without charge to the shelter. Knowing her, she will probably donate the insulin and syringes too."


August 18, 2011--Posted on the message board today (August 18, 2011). Tre has until the end of August to find a home or he will be put down.

If anyone is interested in adopting a newly diagnosed diabetic cat, 8-9 years old, very sweet -- please contact Renea Burman of PACT Humane Society at director@ (remove space). His life is on the line. This cat's owner presented him to one of PACT's veterinarians' private practices to be euthanized, but our veterinarian did not want to put him down. If we can find an adopter with experience with diabetic cats or dogs, PACT will do the intake and adoption. We only have until the end of August 2011.

The cat's owner is overwhelmed with his life, is moving at the end of the month and can't take the kitty. Our veterinarian will personally pay for the first vial of Lantus insulin -- a $110+ value which will last 5 months. His initial dose is 1 unit twice a day. She wants him on Purina DM food to start.

The kitty is a neutered male, short-haired, grey striped kitty, 8-9 years old, and about 10 lbs. Unfortunately, the owner did not have a photo, and did not want to be inconvenienced by bringing the kitty back to the vet hospital for a photo.

The kitty was adopted from another no-kill shelter in Illinois by his present owner in 2005. Then, the kitty was about 3-4 years old. He had been surrendered to the first no-kill shelter because he was supposedly not good with other cats -- but you all know how some people throw cats together and expect them to get along. Since 2005, he has been an only cat. It is not known if he is good with dogs.

The adoption fee for this special cat will be $1 to a FDMB member or FDMB-referred friend only We know that you know what you're doing with diabetic cats, and would be grateful if one of you could save his life. Time is of the essence!

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