Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cookbook Cover Contest

October 1, 2011--The voting is over. And the winner is ......

Contestants #3--Alby and Asher!!


Hey all, thanks so much for all the yummy recipes, and gorgeous photos of your cats helping you out in the kitchen that you sent in for this year's DCIN Fall Fundraiser. Now it is time to vote on which of these stunning cats should grace the cover of the CD!

I know we said that we would be asking for a $1 per vote, and some of you have been saving your pennies, but because we want you to have plenty of cash on hand to buy and try this collection of fabulous recipes, voting will be FREE! (However, I have heard that Ennis's votes can be bought while his mom is away on vacation, for the right price....shhhhh).

Because voting is FREE, there is a limit of one vote per ISP per day, but you can still vote every day from September 1st to September 30th. Once voting is officially open, I will be posting on the Feline Diabetes Message Board, Diabetic Cat Care, and Facebook, so gather up your friends, and start campaigning for your favorite Cat Chef! Ready....set.....VOTE!!!!!

Mel (MommaOfMuse)

PS. Remember all bribes...ummm...donations sent to Ennis93 are tax deductible.

Contestant #1--Charlie

Representing the Acro-cats. Charlie really knows his way around the kitchen and is very happy that his human Claudia made sure that the decor compliments his coat colors to a tee. Charlie is 10 years young and is on Levermir.

Contestant #2--Prop

Prop hails for Denmark. He represents the OTJ cats with foreign flare. He will celebrating his 12th birthday on Sept 4th of this year. Here he is making sure that his personal servant Charlotte has all his favorite foods ready for the celebration.

Contestants #3--Alby and Asher

Here we have the brothers Alby and Asher strutting their stuff. Alby is the black and white fellow and is a civie, while his grey and white brother Asher is extra-sweet. Asher represents the Pro Zinc cats. Both boys are 7 years old and favorite subjects for their momma bean Donna's creative talents when they aren't helping her in the kitchen.

Contestant #4--Electra

Electra shows off her flair for the culinary arts for her Aunt Wendy's camera. Electra is a civie who own's Wendy's niece, but in the style of a true lady she isn't telling anyone her age.

Contestant #5--Midge

Midge proves that torties not only have attitude but talent and taste! This lovely civie delights in the finer things of life as long as they are served up her way! Just like fine wine at age 13 she is getting better with age. Wendy is her personal servant and assistant chef.

Contestant 6--Squeaker

Even the Rainbow Bridge Cats know how to cook. Squeaker may be a Guardian Angel to her momma bean Wendy, but she still keeps an eye out on the kitchen activity, when she isn't overseeing the party preparations being made to welcome the new FD angels to the Bridge.


Now for the Voting!!

Which cat should grace the cover of DCIN's 2011 Cats in Kitchen's Cookbook?
1. Charlie
2. Prop
3. Alby and Asher
4. Electra
5. Midge
6. Squeaky free polls 


Beth Pasek said...

I don't know why I thought this was going to be a self published book, not a CD? I was thinking to use it as a gift for my clients as the holidays...?

catmom said...

I would like to know why myself and several of my friends have voted for Charlie in the last few day and his numbers don't change at all. Still at 318. We are only voting 1x/day - but there are many of us and his numbers aren't changing - what is wrong here?

Venita said...

I can't answer your question, catmom. I just voted for Charlie, and the tally incremented by 1. So it seems to be working now. If you can give me an estimate of the number of votes that you think were lost during the time you were having the problem, we will add that to his photo's final tally. We do want to be fair with this voting. ~Venita

Venita said...

Sorry, FFF, that this isn't going to be published as a physical book. We looked into doing that during planning, but we just didn't have the time to find the best deal or the money to pay for a stock.

We do plan on publishing a physical book next year (a children's book about a diabetic boy and cat--Jack), and hope at that time to use that research to consider a physical version of the cookbook. Cookbooks aren't time sensitive tomes, so we may be able to reissue in physical form for holiday presents in future years.

LDP said...

Although you can vote once a day, the poll records your IP address and the time you voted so that you can't vote less than 24 hours later. If you vote at 8 PM one day and then at 6 AM the next day, your vote will not be counted because it's been less than 24 hours since the last vote. You'll see the text "We're sorry, but you have already voted in this poll" right above the poll results. That may be an explanation as to why the poll count didn't increase.