Monday, July 18, 2011

Fly Free, Dearest Smudge

April 17, 2012--From Smudge's Mom: "Smudge passed away about 2 weeks ago."

February 20, 2011--Sadly, Smudge's Mom has decided that she must rehome this white beauty. Smudge's Mom, a college student, is not home enough to appropriately care for Smudge's diabetes or to give Smudge the affection she needs. Smudge is somewhat accustomed to hometesting and is on 1-2 U of Lantus insulin BID.

It appears that other than diabetes, this 9YO cutie is healthy. Before she rehomes, she will be tested for FIV/FeLV and be up-to-date on vaccines.

Smudge's Mom is very concerned that no one will want her.Are you the one that can show Smudge's current Mom that that isn't true?


December 24, 2011--Merry Christmas from Smudge!!


November 14, 2011--From Smudge's Mom:

Smudge is doing good! She plays a lot more than she ever did and lets me test her and give her shots without a problem. It's almost like she understands that she has to do it. Attached is a picture from October.


August 27, 2011--New pictures of Smudge.


July 19, 2011--Smudge is now off the adoption list. She is staying home with her original Mom. DCIN, through its financial assistance program, is helping Mom to afford the insulin and blood glucose testing equipment that Smudge needs to be a happy, healthy diabetic, and maybe even to go off the juice.

Thanks to all of you who support DCIN through contributions, sharing our information, and good wishes. I especially want to thank Jennifer for putting Smudge and her Mom together with the financial assistance program. We hope that, with our time and your support, many more diabetic cats will be staying put in their homes.


July 18, 2011-Smudge is a beautiful white cat in southern IN that has been diabetic for two years and is about 8 years old. She is a declawed, indoor only kitty that may not be good around dogs, so she prefers a cat-only home. She eats wet and dry food and is currently not receiving any insulin due costs and schedule; her Mom is a college student and cannot devote the time she feels is needed to Smudge’s care. Smudge’s Mom says she is not a lap cat and can take a little time to warm up to new people, but given the right home and environment she will be a wonderful kitty.

Smudge currently has increased water intake and urination due to high blood sugar.

Smudge is not at risk for PTS, but she is not being treated and unregulated diabetes can lead to many other problems (including death) and will cause organ damage. Please consider taking Smudge into your heart and home.

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jenny/2/oh said...

I'm so happy Smudge's owner is going to treat her! I've been thinking about her!