Sunday, July 3, 2011

Buckaroo Bonsai in OK City is Not Diabetic

The Newly Named Buckaroo Bonsai (Buck)
July 5, 2011--I don't think of 13 as "old." Some people seem to be suggesting that Buck won't be adopted because he is old. I have had several cats lives well past 18. Please don't think of Buck as old.


July 2, 2011--About 10 days ago, I heard from Emily who told me of a diabetic cat in a shelter in Carrollton, TX. His PetFinder page read "Boots is my name and after I gave my person the best 13 years old my life they bring me here because the human kitten in the house developed allergies to me, like this is my fault. I am a big ole boy weighing in at least 20 lbs but it is not because I over eat it seems I too have an illness known as Diabetes, I am not insulin dependant but it does affect my weight. I am a friendly, jolly fellow who is already fixed."

I called the shelter and was told Boots would be destroyed if the shelter ran out of space. The shelter told me that a rescue group named Forever Friends might pull him. As karma had it, I had just been put in contact with Forever Friends about something else, so I asked them about Boots. Later that day, FF pulled Boots and the next day he was safe in Oklahoma City with a new name--Buckaroo Bonsai.

BB went to the vet yesterday and the rescue wrote me: "Good news! Just came from the vet and Buck is not diabetic! Maybe the people just assumed he was because he was overweight? They did not leave the shelter with any special instructions other than he was never given insulin shots. So he got his rabies shot, a profender for worms, frontline for fleas, and is now back home in a very large kennel. He weighs 17 pounds."

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