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Rest Peacefully, Beloved Musette

...June 2, 2012--Please help DCIN pay for Musette's final expenses.

Princess Fluffybutt
June 1, 2012--Yesterday afternoon, Mel and Jon lost Musette to anemia. (((((Mel and Jon))))) Thank you for teaching Musette how to play with toys, what catnip is, how to accept hugs, and how to enjoy kisses. Thank you for giving her her brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing with her your bed and pillow. Thank you for loving her clear blue eyes and bringing her nekked body back to its lustrous full coat. Thank you for holding her forever in your hearts.

Musette, you finally found the hearts and home that you always deserved. For a year you were able to hold those hearts in your paws, cherishing every moment. Enough love for a lifetime. Fly free, dear girl.

Our deepest sympathies also to Uncle Don who first brought the discarded Angel to his home and nursed her back to wellness so that she could travel home to Mel and Jon. Angel stole his heart, as she did so many. ~The DCIN Team~


May 25, 2012--Mel's posting from yesterday.
Still waiting on the vet to call me back so that I can inform him that I'm springing my girl tomorrow...may have to do it without his blessing but she and I had a talk today when I went to see her, and she wants out and out now. And I don't like asking about her glucose and her ketone readings at 1pm in the afternoon and being told we don't know...go pick up her chart and tell me. You can tell me I don't know off the top of my head I'll go find out, but don't just shrug your shoulders and walk away. Okay rant off.
Home NOW, Mom.

As far as Musette herself she is much much better today but clearly wants out of there and back home with mom, unless the vet can tell me something they are doing for her that I can't do here, I'm breaking her out tomorrow...my little girl that never has jumped off anything higher than my bed was willing to try to jump off the exam table and with two paws bandaged and multiple tubes in her. If I wasn't going to take her home today she was gonna walk out on her own. I had to catch her twice to keep her from trying to jump off the table, so I finally sat down on the floor with her, she came over snuggled in my lap for awhile and then once again went to the door, tried to paw it open and walk out...that tells me loud and clear she feels well enough to have momma play nurse.

May 24, 2012--Our little puffball is still at the after-hours vet. She had an esophageal feeding tube inserted on Tuesday afternoon. That procedure went well and she is tolerating the feeding well. A/D diluted with Clinicare. She was tested for pancreatitis (results still pending), was diagnosed DKA, and is on pain meds and antibiotics.

Mel went to see Musette yesterday (Wednesday) and reported:
Musette is a little more animated today than on Monday, but still clearly a very sick little girl. And she seems to have to do everything as quickly as possible not only did she crash like this on me virtually overnight, but she went from being fine to starting to turn yellow before they could get the feeding tube in her yesterday. Today when I saw her, her beautiful skyblue eyes were actually green looking.

I can't not go see her everyday, but it is so hard to see my fluffy-bouncy girl so ill, and to hear that awful death-rattle of a purr coming from her...She did briefly brighten up when she saw me, and tried to wiggle out of the tech's arms to get to me. Then the minutes she was in my arms she buried her head against my chest and wrapped her little paws around my arm. She has so many tubes and stuff attached to her, and she is getting so matted again...it is heart-breaking.

So many tubes, Mom.
We sat and cuddled for awhile and I sang to her the song I always sing when I test her or when we are settling down to go to bed...and for a few brief moments I got to hear her normal sweet little humming purr. It was very weak but it was there, but then she started to get wiggly again and acted like she was looking for her carrier, I think she thought I was there to spring her from the bad place that keeps poking her and prodding her. She wants to come home so bad and always looks so sad when I have to leave her again. I just hope by going to see her everyday she will realize I'm not abandoning her there, and that she just needs to get well enough to be able to come home.

Good news is that she did have a bowel movement yesterday and again today so things are getting better there. At the very least it looks like she will be there over the holiday weekend and then they will talk to me about bringing her home next Tuesday. They are kind of waiting to see what the bloodwork that they sent out has to say so we know exactly what all is going on with her, before releasing her to me, to make sure I have all the meds she needs and with a 3-day weekend coming up they are being cautious with her.

I love you, Mom.
The other good news at least I think it is...is right now they aren't giving her insulin because her BGs aren't elevated enough to need it, even with all she is going through her BGS yesterday morning was 132, last night even after several feedings she was down to 118 and this morning she was I believe they said 92....what they can tell me is that she doesn't have an infection. They asked if there was anyway she could have gotten into and eaten anything that could have caused the liver disease..I told them not that I knew off because there really isn't anything in the house that would be dangerous to her that isn't kept under lock and key. So we are still baffled.

Please don't leave me
here, Mom.

May 22, 2012--Musette is still with the after-hours vet and still very sick. Her liver values and urinary ketones are high, her electrolytes are out out whack, and she is not eating. She is on IV fluids with electrolyte supplements, PZI insulin, and syringe feeding. If she is not better later today, we will be talking about putting an Esophageal feeding tube into her. We still don't know what brought this on.

Mel wrote me yesterday afternoon: "Just got back from going to see Musette...she looks so sad and so didn't want to be left there again, she was burying her head in my neck and chest and hugging my arms and neck when I would hold her. The picture is the best I could get with her either wrapped up round me or her trying to stand up and jump off the table to get back to me holding her."

Get well soon, fluffy girl. Please.


May 21, 2012--Yesterday afternoon Musette was out of sorts and not eating for the past 24 hours, and then showed moderate urinary ketones. She didn't have especially high blood glucose numbers and Mel said she wasn't dehydrated.

DCIN sent Mel and Musette to the after-hours vet. The treatment plan was BW, ketone check, IV fluids and (if needed) electrolytes, assisted feeding, insulin management--the normal ketone/DKA protocol. (Musette is a DKA survivor, so we have to be careful.)


Musette Smiling!!
12/28/2011--Musette has come a long ways from that poor thin shaved bobble head doll that arrived in our hearts and home last June 25th. She is up to 8lbs now which looks just about perfect on her. She has filled out wonderfully, she has learned to play, and has discovered the joys of catnip. Every morning we are now greeted with whisker kisses, head butts and paw pats, as well as a giant purr. For such a tiny little girl she has a purr as big as all outdoors. Oh and she talks now, if you talk to her she tries to answer you back, or if she thinks you are taking too long in getting something she wants she tells you about it. She doesn't really meow but has more of a raspy little voice like she really is trying to mimick human speech.


August 13, 2011--I get frequent updates from Mel about Musette. This is the latest one:
She has gained almost a full pound since she has been here. And she is absolutely the cuddlest cat in the household, the minute there is a lap to be had she is in it. Her fur is starting to come back and from the looks of it, she is going to have a lot of tortie markings when it is all back in. Her shoulders and hips are becoming very mottled in peach and smokey gray. Once we got her treated for fleas her aggressive side disappeared. I'm pretty sure she came here with them as everyone here has been kept on Advantage. It was really weird I never saw a single one on her, so when I treated everyone with their monthly flea treatment I just went ahead and did her too, the next day when I went to brush her out the dead ones came off her in buckets. The only thing I can figure out is that they were staying up around her next and tail where she actually had fur left. But now that they are gone, she is no longer turning around when she is being petted to take a chunk out of us.

She is still very much a Daddy's girl, she sleeps cuddled up to her daddy every night, ironically right where Muse use to sleep. Muse always preferred sleeping on Jon's pillow to mine, and that is the spot on the bed that Musette has claimed as hers...Which suits Maxwell just fine as momma's pillow is his. So far she is getting along well with everyone except Myrrdin, but then again no one really likes Myrrdin...as he is still just such a shitten.

Her numbers are still being difficult to get down and keep down but they are getting better, most days she stays in the low 200s, but I have been testing her for ketones and so far none to be seen. And she seems to be a happy little girl, as you barely look in her direction and she turns on the motor, and she wakes us up every morning with purrs, head butts and paw pats. Although I think she may have some arthritis in her hips, as I have noticed that when it is stormy here she will walk a little more stiffly and on those days she doesn't like me to pet her near her hips. But I really can't fault her there, when it gets stormy I ache pretty good myself.

June 30, 2011--Musette is now home with Mel. Her transport was uneventful. Thanks to Don, Marcy, and Mel for handling the ground portions of her transport. Here are some pics of our little Bobbette in her new home. I am told that Musette is purring in the full face picture. She does look happier than in other pics I've seen of her.


June 21, 2011--Musette goes home to Mel and Jon this weekend. She flies Continental Cargo out of Dulles into Denver, where Marcy (and Klinger) will pick her up and drive her into Nebraska, where Momma and Dad will grab her and lovingly take her home.

DCIN is trying to raise the $500 it has spent for Musette's vetting up until now and her flight. Please help to send Musette home if; you can. If money is tight, please send happy flying vibes for Ms. Musette.

Click on "Fly Musette" to contribute through PayPal for Musette's costs.


June 18, 2011--A little update on Musette. She has been doing well with Uncle Don. She is eating like "a little piggie" and is happy to be there, purring for Don when she gets her blood tests. Yesterday, she crawled into his lap to have it done.

Musette went to the vet earlier this week because Don was concerned with her bouncy BG levels. On a single cycle, she can go between 60 and 400+ mg/dl. Don's other diabetic cats are fairly flat in their curves, and this had thrown Don for a loop. The vet had quite a handle on the situation, and helped Don to understand some techniques he might use to minimize that bounce. He has put them into place and found that they work. But Musette still has a way to go to tight regulation.

DCIN was going to fly Musette Continental Cargo from Dulles into Omaha next Friday. But the Omaha airport is at risk of being flooded by the Missouri River. Marcy (and Klinger from the FDMB) stepped in to help, and we changed Musette's landing point to Denver. Marcy will drive into Nebraska and meet Mel and her DH Jon with Musette. The date also has been changed to Saturday, June 25.

We are fundraising for Musette's costs to date, which include treatment (except boarding) at her rescue vet, treatment and rabies VAX at Don's vet, her interstate health certificate (which she needs to fly), and her flight cost. Thankfully, we don't have to buy a carrier to transport her because Don is donating the one his Toby came in. The total of her costs so far are $490, so I am going to ask Jennifer to make up a Chip-in widget for Musette for $500. (Chip-in won't let me join, and there is no support on that site to help me with my problem.) Until I get the Chip-in code from Jennifer, you can go to these instructions on the blog to make a donation.

Thank you all for your support, both financial and through prayers and well wishes. Mel will especially need your energy while Musette is in the air. I will be posting, probably on DCIN's Facebook page, information about how to track Musette's flights a week from today. I will be out of town, so Hope (and Baby from the FDMB) will be moderating the transport and keeping you up to date. She will be posting on the FDMB's Health Forum so that all, even those not a member of that Board, can follow the progress.


June 7, 2011--Musette's story is complicated, as many are. On June 1, DCIN received an email from Laurie in VA, who had received an email from HART, which knew a vet that would soon receive a diabetic Himalayan (Himi) cat. The cat's owners wanted to kill the cat because they no longer wanted or could pay for its diabetes treatment. The cat was named Angel. My goodness, what a maze of folks to work through to find the cat. DCIN often has to do this kind of A to B to C to D kind of searching for a diabetic cat that we learn about through email.

This one was easy. It didn't take much time to find the vet that had Angel. I knew that Mel wanted a female Himi, so I called her about Angel. Don had given me a "wild card" to send one more diabetic his way, either as a foster or for a permanent home. I called the vet, asked whether Angel was FIV/FeLV negative (which she is), and asked whether someone experienced with feline diabetes could visit her. Within a couple hours, Ronda (a volunteer and foster Mom for Fancy Cats) was there and told me that Angel was in good shape.

I told the vet tech (Jessica, bless her) that DCIN would "pull" Angel. I asked that Angel be given IV fluids and antibiotics, because she was dehydrated and had a UTI. The vet's office did this, and also shaved her because she was matted. This was done, and thus our bobble-headed kitty above.

On Saturday, June 4, Ronda and Don transported Angel to Don's house. Angel is doing fine, and the photo here was taken in the outdoor enclosure Don has for his cats.

Don would love to adopt Angel, but the following is why he is only Uncle Don to Angel. This is Mel's post about her dream about this cat, now named Musette by her soon-to-be Mommy, Mel.
On the day that was [Muse's] 1st anniversary at the bridge, I had spent the day going between bawling my eyes out and looking at himmies up for adoption. Since Muse passed I had been watching the breed rescues looking for that special himmie that called to my heart, and no one had, until I ran across Alex in Florida, but he can't be adopted outside of the county where he is, so he was out. But I really wanted another Himalayan, didn't need to be a purebred, but I wanted a female, and I wanted that one that really needed me. By the time for bed that night came I was exhausted both mentality and physically and was asleep I think before my head hit the pillow.

That night I had a dream of being in bed and having Maxwell jump on the bed and curl around my head like normal, then Lady Jane joins us and curls up under my arm, again this is her usual spot. But then I hear the radio playing in the background, and can see light coming from somewhere but the bedroom door is closed. I still remember thinking in the dream that Jon must be in the bathroom and that was where the light was coming from. I recognize the song on the radio it is "Send me an angel" suddenly there is a third cat on the bed with Maxwell, Lady Jane and I, she is laying in Muse's spot I roll over and there is Muse, lighter than she was in life, but the same face, just a more moonlit version of my girl. I hear a soft purring voice, sort of like how you can almost hear voices in a running stream that seemed to say, "I'm sending you an Angel, look for me in the eyes" and then Muse and the voice was gone, but I had this weird sense of peace and felt Maxwell and Lady Jane snuggle in closer. It didn't even dawn on me that Muse couldn't possibly have known or been with Maxwell and Lady Jane, as they joined the family after she left, it just seemed so natural that they would be there with her, as Muse was the only one before Maxwell and Lady Jane to be allowed to sleep with the humans at night.

The next morning I get a call for Venita, with "Guess what I found?" and its a she named Angel. I asked what she looked like if she was dark pointed or light pointed, Venita at that point didn't know but Ronda (Ginger's Foster Mom) was on her way to check her out and was taking a camera. Then I saw the first pictures of then Angel, now Musette. I was looking right at the face in my dream. That same moonlit version of my Muse. So the call went out to DH, "Can we please save another one? They want to kill her if we can promise them a home for her" at that point we only had a stay of execution until Saturday. He stalled, until I showed him her picture and he saw what I had seen...Our Muse's eyes looking at us from another face...it was then a quick yes, if she could be saved she would have a home to come to.

Now I hadn't told Jon about my dream when he started telling me about how he had dreamed that same night of Muse. His was a different from mine, but in his Muse had been lost and he was looking for her because I was upset and crying for her. When he heard her meowing to be let in the bedroom so he opened the bedroom door, with oh she must have just been sleeping downstairs and we didn't see her. He said when he opened the bedroom door this lighter version of Muse walked in and jumped up on the bed with me and touched her nose to mine before he woke up.

So we took that as the final sign that Muse did indeed send her mom an Angel. She knows how much she is loved and missed and she too wanted mom to stop crying and did the only thing she could think of sent mommy a gift from the bridge. Plus Jon and I had just been talking about how the family would be complete again if we had one more girl (that gives us 6 girls and 6 boys), and also how much we thought Maxwell would like to have someone his own age to hang out with when the kids get to be too much for him. Maxwell is about 12 years old the next in line by age is almost 5. Musette is 11 perfect age to be a buddy for Maxwell. And well that I really wanted another Himmie as I've always had at least one himmie around. This is the first time in a long time that there hasn't been a himmie in the house. But we also decided when Muse passed away and we adopted Maxwell that all new animals in the household had to met two criteria they had to be special needs and had to be at risk of PTS.

So now you have it, that was the dream and why our household is expending again, as soon as Lady Musette is well enough to travel, even if that means I don't get to snuggle her until later this summer or even if I have to wait until early fall. I would love to have her like yesterday, but I know she is in excellent hands until she can come home to us. And I don't want to rush her getting here until I'm sure I won't put her health at risk either in transport (flying in the heat) or once she gets here (she is kind of wobbly from neglect atm) and she will have big brothers and sisters here so she needs to be steady on her paws. And while we had intended to call her Seraphim, after seeing how much she resembles Muse in the face, the only logical name was Musette in honor of the beautiful angel that told her mom to be on the look out for the Angel that needed a mom and dad and an Uncle Don to love her.
DCIN will be transporting Musette to Mel and Jon once Uncle Don has nursed her back to wellness. Musette needs to gain weight, gain confidence, and get regulated on insulin. It may not be until the fall that the stars will align to get Musette to her new furever home. But she will, in time, be snuggling on the bed with Mel, Jon, Maxwell, and Lady Jane.

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