Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Fluffy at Home with Debbie

Photo Pending
June 1, 2011--There was a post on DCIN's Facebook page:
. . .We have had Fluffy since she was a kitten, when we rescued her from a store owner that was abusing her. . . We have had her 11 years. She is presently in the animal hospital called VERG 1-718-522-9400 in Brooklyn, NY. She has diabetic ketotosis, and she has to stay in the hospital at least another day. She ...needs intensive care and treatment. If anyone can help please call VERG. Anyone that needs more information on Fluffy can call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. My son used his last care credit, and cannot get an increase, and there was a balance from yesterday, and an additional amount will be due tonight SUNDAY (5/29), because she needs to stay another night. I have another son that is high functioning autistic. . .I am on a fixed income due to a lung condition pulmonary fibrosis(never smoked). who ever gives , i will try to pay back a little at a time. . .THANK YOU!
I called Debbie, Fluffy's Mom. DCIN was not in a position to help with the vet bill (which Debbie borrowed for). However, we talked about diabetes treatment and DCIN sent her a Bayer Contour system and strips and a pen of Lantus. The Lantus Debbie had been using on Fluffy was three months old and likely ineffective, possible leading to Fluffy's DKA. I have pointed Debbie to the Feline Diabetes Message Board (the message board I recommend when a cat is on Lantus).

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