Monday, May 16, 2011

Splitzie at Home with Kathy

May 16, 2011--Welcome to our DCIN family, tuxie Splitzie and Mom Kathy. Kathy contacted DCIN ten days ago through the FDMB. Splitzie has been in Kathy's family for 14 years and was diagnosed diabetic six or seven months ago. But finances precluded treatment, and Kathy didn't know about DCIN. Kathy and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Kathy, being diabetic, had the testing supplies at home, which she used to confirm Splitzie's diabetes. DCIN send her testing supplies for Splitzie to call her own. Kathy has Lantus at home, so she and I arranged a vet visit to get Splitzie a prescription. Splitzie got her script on Thursday, May 12, and started insulin that night. Kathy and her Mom, who cared for Splitzie over the weekend, have become testing masters and show no anxiety about testing their darling girl and giving her insulin shots. It helps to have years of human diabetes treatment under your belt!!

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