Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rehoming Pumba and Timon, in Philly

May 21, 2011--Pumba, the black one, is the diabetic. Timon is a civie. Why do Pumba and Timon need a new home?
I'm not able to meet the needs of his care and balance that with my work and living situation. And I'm emotionally drained - in Nov 2007, my boyfriend at the time died suddenly of a heart attack at age 35. We were together 9 years and for the most part he and I raised them. I've done my best to maintain their care but frankly, its hard to be around them emotionally, I really just am not able to anymore. And I've put up with the allergies because I love them but its just too much, despite bathing them and combing them regularly. I've been thinking about this for over 2 years, but have finally come to terms with what I need to do.
These two boys do not have to be rehomed together, although doing so would be ideal. They are about 13-14 years old. Their Mom would like to find them a new home(s) by mid-June 2001 when she moves.
They can [move with me] for the short-term (a few weeks) but the man I will be living with is very allergic - despite going through allergy testing/shots a few years back. If possible I would like to limit the trauma of moving twice for them.
About Pumba. Black DSH; neutered; has claws; about 12.3 lbs and slim; indoor cat. He is the sweetest loving cat that deserves a great home where he can live out the rest of his days. Pumba is a lover, but when he gets bored, watch out he will just run around like a nutball. He slept in my bed at my feet until Dec 2008 when I decided I couldn't live with my allergies anymore and them sleeping with me was obviously making it worse. Now he usually sleeps on a chair in my office. He's very easy going at the vet although certainly does not like to ride in cars and will let you know it! He's a lapcat when he feels like it, but will usually just cuddle up next to or near you. Loves to be petted. Pumba gets along with Timon just fine, although Pumba likes to play and Timon most times can't be bothered. No idea about disposition with dogs or children. Pumba was diagnosed diabetic in August 2006. He had been peeing alot prior to the vet visit and crying at night as well as drinking lots of water. Was also very lethargic and just not himself. A vet visit confirmed the diagnosis. He has never had DKA and only one episode of hypo early in his diagnosis, when on 70/30. Pumba gets Lantus 1.5u in the morning 1u in the evening. He is accustomed to hometesting, but doesn't like it and at this point I rarely test because he's been so stable. My pet sitter tests when she cares for him and his pre-shots generally run 150 to 200. I know his sugars are high when he gets a glazed look on his face and doesn't really respond to his name quickly. Plus the litter tells all. Pumba eats Fancy Feast gourmet line (low carb) - only likes specific flavors - Chicken, Beef, Ocean Whitefish, Liver and Chicken, Beef and Liver, Salmon, appetite is great. Won't eat Wellness, low glycemic Merrick, or Feline's Pride. Pumba is developing cataracts but gets round just fine. He had eye infections in 2006 and 2007 and an infected tooth that was pulled 6/2008 and had a cleaning at the time. No behavior problems. Negative for FIV/FeLV in August 2006. All vaccines up to date as of 5/19/11. Is Pumba at risk for euthanasia? I hope not to have to go there. But I recognize the difficulty in rehoming older cats. I have been contacting local no kill shelters via the No Kill network but no one has room/no intake or the waiting lists have been really long. He is on one waiting list currently of 6 months. My petsitter and aunt who are vet techs have had the word out about them, but no luck yet. Posting at my vet. About Timon. Timon is a black/brown/white DSH. He was given to me by a friend who couldn't take care of him when he was young - around the same time as Pumba. He weighs around 12.6 lbs. Timon's health history has been unremarkable except for a bout of gastroenteritis in May 2007, where he was hospitalized and on tube feedings for a few days because he has stopped eating and had vomited so much. The cause was never found, but he recovered without incident. He had his teeth cleaned in 2008 and I think a tooth removed, and currently he will be going in for another cleaning because he has resorptive lesions but otherwise no major problems health wise. Awaiting senior labs to proceed with that. He's a shy cat at first, but once he gets to know you he loves to be loved and just likes being around you. He mostly keeps to himself but does like to sleep near you at night. He is vocal at the vet but is more bark than bite. He mostly growls while he's being examined. You just have to grab him firmly to get him out of the cage. He eats the same as Pumba and on the same feeding schedule (twice a day).

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