Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kaylah (Rest Peacefully, Dear Girl) and Molly (Adopted)

May 9, 2011--From the rescue handling Kaylah and Molly:
I am sorry to say that Kaylah, the lovely Siamese who was set to be rehomed to lady in a PA, had to be put to sleep today. She had suffered two "events" in the past week. After an emergency room visit a week ago, Kaylah bounced back and appeared to be doing okay. She went for a checkup after that and was doing well. However, Saturday she started showing symptoms again and throwing up blood. After reviewing everything, the vet recommended that it would be in her best interest to be PTS and no long suffer. Kaylah was just buried on our property in a lovely wooded setting, with her person, Estacia, myself and my husband in attendance. She is at peace now and resting. I want to thank everyone who gave of their time cross posting and trying to help Kaylah in any way. We did have several folks offering to help us with her transport this coming weekend. Sadly, that will not be necessary. I am so proud of our rescue community and the way we all jump in to help a kitty in need! This was such an effort that saw no boundaries and no lack of enthusiasm and energy to help this young woman and her 3 kitties. The other two kitties are in an emergency foster home and safe. Please let anyone you have asked to help know what has happened so that they may discontinue their efforts. Rest in peace, lovely Kaylah...... The other two kitties, Molly and Kalley, have found placement. Thanks!!
***************************************************************************** May 4, 2011--
These cats need help immediately.
That's the message I got from someone who has been running into brick walls trying to place these two cats. The cats are currently near Charlotte, NC. We won't be getting the detailed information we normally get for adoptable cats, but if someone is seriously considering adopting one or both of them, DCIN will do its best to get whatever information is needed. These cats are the victims of divorce.
She has moved already and left cats with husband who does not want them.
Both cats are said to be very loving and sweet. They are both spayed, current on shots and 4 paw declawed. As you know, Siamese is diabetic. They are beautiful sweet kitties and need help right away!
The 8 YO Siamese female is Kaylah. She is diabetic and comes with a bottle of insulin and syringes. (DCIN can also get a fostre or adoptive home started with blood glucose testing equipment.) Her 10 YO roommate, Molly, is a black/white semi-long-hair. The rescue that has them says that transportation can be arranged. It would be nice if the cats could be placed together, but not required. The contact, for fostering or adoption, is Melba at melbatarlton (remove space).

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