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Tiko--Staying Put for Now

August 19, 2011--Because of other issues taking her attention, Carolynn has decided to keep Tiko for the time being. We are taking him off the adoptables list.

I want to share the card DCIN helped Tiko send to Carolynn and her family when he recovered from his DKA. Yes, DCIN was able to assist financially, but Carolynn contributed $800 to his care and her vet provided about $2,00 in free services and products. Thank you Carolynn, and your most caring vet (who took Tiko as a surrender rather than PTS), for saving Tiko.


July 8, 2011--The sweet orange little man is doing very well after the DKA and has been ketone free since then.

It's time now to find him his furrever home. He is a very sweet and gentle kitty but the other cats in the home are not able to accept him and it's causing things to be very tense for the resident cats.

June 18, 2011--We are happy to announce that DCIN has been able to collect the full $2,500 it was raising for finance DCIN's share of Tiko's emergency care for DKA.

We want to personally thank all the generous donors, but especially those who gave amounts in the triple digits and the final donor who stood ready to cover whatever we did not raise for other donors. Our sincere thanks to our safety net. We also thank those who cold not give dollars, but who gave so generously of their prayers and well wishes. We are certain it was this energy that pulled Tiko through his DKA.

DCIN has paid off the interest-free loan we took to cover the cost until we had the full amount raised. And we are happy to report that Tiko is a much loved baby and post this new picture to show you how comfortable he is in his new home..


Fundraising for Tiko

There is a Chip-in for Tiko. What this does is take you to PayPal, but you don't have to have a PayPal account if you have a credit card. Between Chip-in and direct donations to PayPal, we have just broken the $1,500 mark on DCIN's $2,500 vet bill for Tiko. Just $1,000 to go.

An anonymous supporter is lending DCIN the difference between the $2,500 we paid and what we raise for Tiko. 25% of future unrestricted donations and future donations to Tiko will go repaying the loan until it is taken care of.


May 14, 2011--(I believe that Blogger ate some of the posts about Tiko.) Tiko came home to Carolynn's house from the vet's the evening of May 11. On the evening of May 12, Carolynn wrote this on the FDMB.

Well, after all the hugs, kisses, scritches and love everyone asked me to give Tiko Tiger, all I can say is...

I have a very happy, purring orinch kitty making it hard to type right now!

Last night his bgs were pretty scary high (461 at PM PS), but ketones were negative and today they're much better:

AM PS 258 1u Lantus
+10 212
PM PS 243 1U
Ketones negative

I still have to be very, very vigilant because when he went into DKA his bgs were no higher than they were today. But I have fluids, pepcid, Buprinex, antibiotics, and R insulin if any are needed. He most likely wouldn't survive another bout with DKA, so I'll do all I can to prevent that from happening.

He is eating really well... preferring the canned to dry DM so he hasn't had any of that since what he ate last night. I'm making his food soupy so he'll stay better hydrated and to still make it easier for him to eat since he had all those teeth extracted last week. Nice thing about the soupy food-- it's pretty often that as soon as he's done eating he needs to go potty so I've been able to get the ketone tests done!

Again, I cannot thank all of you enough... those that chipped in with donations and those that sent as much love and prayers as you could muster. They ALL made a difference... and are why Tiko Tiger is still here for me to write about. I fully believe that without all of you, he wouldn't have made it.

((((hugs)))) and more thanks than I could ever express.

May 10, 2011, pm--Carolynn writes:
Tiko has decided that food is good! He is better today. His hematocrit is rising and he seems much happier without all the poking and prodding. He isn't out of the woods yet, but today is showing some spirit.

I can't thank you all enough for the love and prayers being sent to this little guy... he is such a miracle.

May 10, 2011--Last night, we heard this about Tiko:
Tiko has taken a turn for the worse. His hematocrit is 15, bicarb level still too low, phos not rising like it needs to. Veins in both front legs are blown from the IVs. What little interest he had... in food is gone and he is fighting syringe feeding and handling.

His demeanor is becoming very depressed.

I had such hope this morning... he looked so much better. He was bright eyed, wagged his tail... and I heard his Fletcher purr... it was so strong.

But it looks like he's had enough. His vet wants to give him tonight... she cried when she called me.

10 days... that may be all I get...Carolynn.
But early this afternoon, Jennifer posted on DCIN's Facebook page:
Carolynn tells us they are treating for hemolytic anemia, seems a bit happier without as much poking today. Will take more blood this afternoon and she will visit him after work. Will update when we hear more. Thank you all for your continued prayers and healing thoughts.


May 9, 2011--Last night at 9pm Eastern, Carolynn posted on the FDMB:
Just spoke with the overnight ER vet and he said Tiko is perkier: wagging his tail and looking around. He's still being syringe fed every 2 hours, but everything is staying down. His phos levels are coming up, which help to make him feel better and indicate the DKA is improving a bit.

Tiko was down to 9.3 lbs from 11 pounds on Monday... but has put back on 1/2 lb with the feedings and hydration. They will recheck labs at 2am and I'll be picking him up before 8am to transfer him to my vet's for the day.

May 8, 2011--The estimate for Tiko's care is up to $2,700 to $3,200. DCIN can't afford any more than the $2500 it has committed to because donations are slow. We have about $500 now.

The ER called Carolynn and she wants to continue to give Tiko a chance, and agreed to cover his costs above $2500.

Jennifer and I both spoke to the vet last night. Tiko's abdominal X-Ray showed that his descending and transverse colon was full of stool. He received an enema, and is pooping on his own. His BG level 2 hours before his Lantus shot was 282.

The vet says that Tiko has basic acidosis (low pH), but before starting bicarbonate they want to see if fluids supplemented with potassium will help. They are going to sryinge feed some food.

Bottom line--the vet said that the steroids, lack of adequate pain meds, and constipation caused stress which led Tiko into acidosis.

This morning, the vet tech told me that Tiko hadn't eaten overnight, but just had a big breakfast. His glucose has remained high (no numbers given) during the night. He likely will receive another enema today She questioned his age of 6, saying it looked like a very hard 6, with muscle wasting. She said he is "the sweetest little boy."

We also have learned that the vet chart says the previous owners made Tiko live outside when he starting have litterbox problems. This sweet little man deserves a chance at a happy life.


May 7, 2011--Jennifer's update on the FDMB this afternoon about Tiko:

I can't thank everyone enough for what has been done for Tiko. He is just an amazing boy and deserves the chance he's been given. Little did we know what would transpire in a week:

Last Saturday 4/30: my vet had called me about an FD who had been brought in for euthanasia so my girls and I went to see him (he was named Chester at the time). I contacted Jenn (tuckersmom) and she started things rolling with DCIN. Brought Tiko home that same day, bg 239 at PM PS, started Lantus at 0.5U (was on 2u ProZinc).

Sunday 5/1: Tiko is purry and eating like a piggy. Using the litter box well. Growls when he sees or smells my other kitties through the French doors of my office. LB usage normal. Noticed he was coughing.
AM PS 225 0.5U
+7 198
PM PS 219 0.5U

Monday 5/2: Tiko went in for a previously scheduled dental. Ended up with ELEVEN extractions. Came home with pain meds and abx. Ate really well, LB usage normal. Told vet about coughing and she took a chest xray which showed the classic "donuts" of asthma.
AM PS 221 (no insulin given due to dental)
BG 239 after dental
PM PS 225 0.5U

Tuesday 5/3: Eating well, purring, now more curious about the other kitties. Played with the nip toys Jenn has sent and didn't mind Robbie hanging out with him. No swelling, receiving Bupe for pain and abx.
AM PS 244 0.5U
PM PS 239 0.5U

Wednesday 05/4: Refused breakfast; gave pain meds; he seemed kinda "blah;" youngest DD called me when she got home from school to tell me he still hadn't eaten and he was having to "suck in his belly really hard" to breathe; took him to my vet; Xrays not too different than Monday's; respiratory rate over 80; got dexamethazone injection and started eating (3 bowls of canned food) 3 hours later, resp rate down to 65
AM PS 214 0.5U

Thursday 5/5: Purring and happy at vet's; ate breakfast; was going to pick him up at 5; refused food for rest of the day-- vet was going to let me take him home because it was felt he'd be more comfortable; just before I arrived to get him, he started vomiting; vet decided to keep him overnight because something just wasn't right; gave him Cerenia and started IV fluids
AM BG 208 no insulin
PM BG 196 no insulin

Friday 5/6: very depressed demeanor; no vomiting overnight, resp rate 30; mildly uncomfortable on abdominal palpitation, mouth looked good; IV fluids continued; at noon he seemed a bit perkier but still no interest in food; afternoon urine test showed 4+ ketones; given cerenia and cypro
AM BG 208
Noon 156
PM BG 178 0.5U

Saturday 5/7: still very depressed; when offered food, vomited "large amount of coffee ground fluid" More cerenia given;
AM BG 189 0.5U

At this point I got to my vet's to see Tiko. He looked terrible. He sat up when I got to his cage, but then fell over. He tried crawling to me, so I picked him up and cuddled him. He was very weak, but there was a fighting spirit. Because of the amazing generosity, I was able to tell the vets that I could transfer him to the emergency hospital until Monday morning... there were many hugs and tears from the staff. Tiko has enchanted them all and they so wanted him to have a chance... which he now does.

How could anyone not love a kitty who allows this (pic taken last Saturday within 5 minutes of him getting here):


May 7, 2011--Chester is now going by the name Tiko. Tiko has been in veterinary care since Wednesday morning, when he was having trouble breathing. The vet was going to put him on oxygen and start inhaled steroids.

His breathing improved the next day, but he wouldn't eat and was having pain.

Friday morning Tiko still was not improving. He was put on IV fluids and tested for FIV/FeLV (both negative). They also tested for FIP (don't know the results) and discussing chronic pancreatitis. Friday evening, Tiko was showing ketones (I don't know whether it was blood or urine). His blood pH is still good, so the vet was not thinking diabetic ketoacidosis, but Tiko was getting fluids and the vet was watching for DKA.

The vet who rescued Tiko was apparently providing these services free of charge.

Today (Saturday), Tiko is being transferred to an ER vet to keep him stable during the weekend. No longer will his medical care be free. DCIN is responsible for these costs because it agreed to take Tiko on as a foster cat. (By the way, Carolynn and her girls have fallen hard for Tiko and may not let us adopt him out.)

Please help us help Tiko. Information about donating for Tiko is here. We don't yet have a target for this fundraiser, but I suspect it will be high. This is an ER.

Update at noon Eastern time--Tiko is at the ER and has been evaluated. He is dehydrated, heart beat is normal, breathing has a little effort, but lungs sound good. His mouth is inflamed, and Tiko is producing excess saliva. His colon seems filled with rock hard feces. His abdomen is painful. He is borderline DKA.

Dr. A said that Tiko's problems started when he finished his dental pain meds on Wednesday. She is going to put him on IV fluids with supplements for the possible DKA. He will be put on pain meds. She will take an XRay of his abdomen to confirm that the problem in his bowels is feces, and give him an enema.

Carolynn says that Tiko looks bad, but has spirit. Kim the vet tech said that Tiko is very tolerant of and stoic with the handling. They both think that Tiko has the strength and will to get through this.

The estimate for two days of ER care is $1,900 to $2,500. I authorized payment from DCIN. Please help us help Tiko.


May 2, 2011--Today is dental day, and we've only raised $55 of the $400 target for the procedure.

Update: DCIN raised $130 for the dental, but didn't use it. He had his dental on Monday, with 11 extractions. Thank you to all who donated for that. The vet (the one who rescued Tiko) did the procedure for free, so the donaitons will go into Chester's fund.


April 30, 2011--Chester in foster care with FDMB’s Carolynn, Fletcher (GA) and Robbie.

Today, Carolynn got a call from her vet about a handsome orange boy that was surrendered. He is six years and was brought in for euthanasia, but thankfully this vet knew that FD is not a death sentence. The vet called Carolynn and asked if she could take him or if she knew anyone who would be interested. She immediately contacted DCIN and after speaking to Jennifer (FDMB’s Tuckers Mom), Carolynn agreed to foster Chester.

He was on 2U BID of ProZinc and eating dry food. He got soiled on his way to his new foster home, got a bath and his BG after all of that was a not too horrible 263.

Carolynn will be starting Chester on 1/2U BID of Lantus tomorrow and changing his diet to a healthy grain-free, canned only diet. Chester weighs 11 pounds but his ribs are easily felt, she will be monitoring his weight during the diet change as well as monitoring his BGs.

Chester needs a dental and the procedure is scheduled for Monday. Costs are expected to be about $400. DCIN will be paying for the dental; would you be able to help? You can help by sending your tax-deductible donation through PayPal to ennis93 (remove space). More detail about making a PayPal donation for Chester’s dental is on this page.

DCIN will also be helping with Chester's diabetic costs while he is fostering with Carolynn.

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