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Ginger in Herndon, VA (Courtesy Post)

January 4, 2014 -- Ginger is Miss February -- DCIN's February 2014 Kitty of the Month. We hope Ginger will have an adoption commitment before the end of the month.

Ginger has been in foster care with Fancy Cats Rescue Team of Herndon VA for over 3 years. Ginger's PetFinder page, with contact information for inquiries, is at DCIN works closely with Ginger's foster Mom, Ronda, and knows that she will do her best to find a perfect home for Ginger and to get her there...wherever in the continental US that home may be.

Ginger is a 10 YO insulin-dependent diabetic, on a small dose of Lantus insulin twice/day. She is at her ideal weight, weighing just a little under 9 lbs. She is great with her low-carb canned food, hometesting of blood glucose levels, and insulin shots. Ginger isn't a lap cat but she will tolerate just about anything her foster Mom wants or needs to do.

Ginger is a confident talkative playful girl and in the right situation will be very low maintenance. And she is an absolutely gorgeous classic calico with stunning emerald green eyes.

For the right person, with the right point of view, Ginger wants to be everything. And she means that literally because she needs to be an only pet (no children or other animals). She just doesn't understand why a home would need any more than her because she can give more than enough love and purrs than one or two people can handle. If Ginger knows you are willing to give her complete and unconditional love, she will return that in full measure . . . and more. An adopter will have to be willing to give Ginger the time she needs to grow her trust and show her sweet and docile side.

Ginger drinks from the kitchen sink, but not like you would think. She likes the water to slowly drizzle and fall on her back, slide down her side, and she then licks it off. Afterward she hops down and MEOWs at her foster Mom to dry her off with a paper towel. Ginger almost immediately becomes dry; it seems like her coat is water proof.

In her foster home, because she doesn't suffer other pets, Ginger is kept in a separate room but gets daily "out" time around the house. During her walk-abouts, she hunts for food plates the other cats haven't finished.This likely means that a new home would have to watch her calorie intake closely to keep her at her current ideal weight.

Ginger "aims high" in her litter box and can overshoot even a high-walled box. Wall and floor protection around her box is needed. However, Ginger's foster Mom thinks this might be a territorial behavior to protest the presence of other cats that often come sniffing round her bedroom door, and that the behavior might cease in a home without children or other animals.

Ginger's favorite places in her room are in a little cubby hole cat tree and the empty closet. On her walk abouts, she loves the kitchen sink. She is a kitchen counter kind of kitty.

Ginger LOVES LOVES LOVES her toy Da Bird and loves jumping and chasing after it. She also likes the little plastic milk jug rings. She is a very energetic girl and is active and playful for her age.

Following will be a gallery of photos and videos of Ginger that we will grow as the month progresses.

Ginger is looking for her true love!


November 29, 2013--Ginger is a water cat.


July 2, 2011--New photos of Ginger here. How could those eyes not melt your heart? Ginger's Petfinder page.


June 2, 2011--A recent video of Ginger playing.


April 3, 2011--Ginger's Petfinder page.

I just have to post Ginger's picture here. She has the most startling green eyes.

This is the text of an email I got from Ronda, a Fancy Cats Rescue Team Foster Mom and Volunteer:
I don't know if you remember me but you put a courtesy post for one of my fosters (Dakota - AKA Cody) and I am now fostering another diabetic. I was hoping you might put her on your website as well. He name is Ginger and she is drop dead gorgeous. She is a very sweet ultra playful with ubber energy to spare. She is 7 years old and is a clawed calico/tabby female with dazzling light green eyes and a very cute little pink nose. She is extremely easy to give insulin but not so is to check blood glucose simply because she won't stay still long enough and just wants to play play play!!! She is currently on Lantus 1.5 units twice a day. She has an awesome appetite and thoroughly enjoys her fancy feast classic chicken or turkey. She is also a major snuggler and talker and will gladly run at top speed to meet you at the door when you come home from work. She would prefer to have a home where she can have you all to herself. She can get a little miffed at the vets from all the poking but if she trusts you, you won't have a single problem and she enjoys being hugged and kissed. She can be found on petfinder here.

I would really appreciate any help you can provide. Like Dakota she is just too sweet to be with me and she deserves a real furrever home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all, I am Gingers current foster mom and a volunteer with Fancy Cats Rescue Team. Ginger was adopted out by us several years ago when she was still a kitten. She started having problems and the adopter wasn't sure what was going on. She returned her back to Fancy Cats Rescue Team. She was diagnosed as a diabetic and insulin was started. If anyone is interested in Ginger please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to assist in answering any questions that I can. contact Byt2luv @aol