Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bouncer is Gone

May 7, 2011--Marty's thank you card. Although it is addressed to me, it applies to all of you who prayed for Bouncer and contributed to help him. Thank you all!! ******************************************************************************* At 2am, April 8, 2011, Marty's Bouncer left his tired, sick body for the loving arms of the Lord and his person, David, Marty's husband. Three days before Bouncer left, Marty wrote about him:
I cannot even describe how dear Bouncer is to me and how much I treasure him. I know the day will come when it's time for him to go to the Bridge, and I will try to deal with it then; but my heart will be broken when that time arrives. His personality is so intertwined with my late husband's that it will almost seem like losing David all over again. That may sound bizarre, but I believe a few of you know exactly what I mean. Of course, I know when I chose kitty cats, I chose, in the meantime, I will treasure him and love him and keep him in my arms and my heart, and take care of him to the very best of my ability, and thank God for blessing me with the enchanting balls of fluff (all three of them!) that allow me to share my home with them!
It is with tears for Marty that I post this notice. Many hearts around the world break with yours, Marty. ****************************************************************************** DCIN helped Marty by paying almost $900 for two surgeries for Bouncer. He died , we believe from a malignant adenocarcinoma that had been excised, but that must have been metastatic.

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