Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bianca--Moving Back in with "Dad"

April 25, 2011--An email from Meagan:
I'm very happy to report that my ex is able to take in Bianca, so she will stay with someone she knows and continue to have a true home! She has even been using the litterbox for him! Thank you SO MUCH for your quick reply and sincere concern for my situation. It is so great to know there is a network of people out there like you.
******************************************************************* April 21, 2011--UPDATE--I just spoke to Meagan, Bianca's Mom. This is an "urgent" situation, but not presently "desperate." Meagan has found a temporary place to tuck Bianca for a bit in Massachusetts. Meagan is moving in with family in MA and the situation is such that, at least for now, Bianca is not welcome where Meagan is going. **************************************************************** April 21, 2011--I got this email today. I don't know where Bianca is located. From the area code on the phone number, it might be southeast Virginia.
Good Morning, I was referred to your site for help with looking for rehoming a diabetic cat this weekend!!! One of my best friends is moving and only has one day to find a home for her 8 year old spayed utd female cat. Her name is Bianca. She is slightly diabetic and needs a small amount of insulin everyday. She's currently living in a home where she does not like the other cat and dog and has been urinating inappropriately. My friend is moving in the next couple days and needs to find a home for Bianca or will have to drop her off at the local shelter, which is not a no-kill. Attached are some pix of her, she is SUCH a sweet good cat, and just needs a home of her own to feel comfortable. Would you be able to forward this email along to your contacts? Anyone that would consider taking her please contact my friend Meagan ASAP at jorienne@ (remove space) or call her at 757-xxx-xxxx (contact DCIN for the phone number). Please let me know if you can help. Thank you!!

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