Monday, November 8, 2010

Joey in VA

Update 11/15/10--I just spoke to the neighbor's wife about Joey. It looks like the family is serious about taking Joey to Singapore. They have had blood drawn and sent overnight to Kansas for the rabies titer, and thus been able to have his required quarantine reduced to 10 days. They also are planning ahead to visit him in quarantine to give him his shots SID if the quarantine facility does not administer insulin. The wife expressed concern about Joey leaving the country, but she feels the family seems serious about it. We also talked about cats going into remission, and the need for the family to hometest blood sugar to achieve that safely. I offered to help teach them how to test. Peggy said she would pass the offer along. I am taking Joey off the DCIN adoptables list. I told the wife that if the family changes it's mind about taking Joey, we would still try to find him a home, but the sooner we would know if it is needed, the better. ************************************************************************** Initial post 11/8/10--Joey recently lost his Mum to cancer and his sister-cat Moe to an adoption, and needs his own home now. He is in the home where he was born and always has lived in Alexandria, VA. His Mum's family is returning to Singapore in early December 2010, and even though it is possible they may decide to take Joey with them, we are concerned about how an insulin-dependent diabetic cat will weather the importation requirements, which include a 30-day to 3-month quarantine in a private facility without veterinary oversight. Joey is a 10 YO, neutered orange/ginger domestic short hair, with thin white strips. His mother was part Siamese so his face is somewhat small and pointed like a Siamese. He is about 14 lbs, and is a fairly large cat. He is a mainly indoor cat, but occasionally likes to roam around the immediate wooded area near his home. Joey has not been declawed but does not scratch furniture; he uses a scratching pole. Joey eats a low-carb canned cat food. He also eats a few crunchy treats and munches on dry cat food. "Joey is a happy cat, and sleeps in one of two cat boxes that he has. He will sit next to you on a sofa and let you pet him, once he gets to know and trust you. He is not very cooperative at the vets - although he has good and bad days. His vet is very fond of Joey and wants him to have a loving home. Joey gets along great with female cats, but tends to fight (territorial) with other males. He hides from dogs, but gets along fine with children." Joey was diagnosed with diabetes about 7 months ago when he was inappropriateky urinating. He receives 2.5 units of insulin twice a day. He was moved from Vetsulin to a human-type insulin in mid-September 2010. "He does not urinate outside his litter box when he is being given the correct doses of insulin." Joey has no known history of DKA or hypoglycemia. He is not hometested. Joey had two bad teeth pulled about 1 year ago during a tooth cleaning session; he had never had his teeth cleaned up to that point. "Urinary tract and upper respiratory appear in good shape. He can run very fast and is a very alert and playful cat." "Joey does not have FIV/FeLV and is current on his shots (abut 4 months ago when he was tested and given shots)." Joey was born in his present home in maybe 2000. His mother - a Siamese/Tort mix - lives with the neighbors. He has known only one loving home since birth. The neighbors cannot adopt Joey because their own large male cat fights with Joey whenever they meet in the common areas of their community. "Joey is a wonderful and friendly cat once you get to know him and he trusts you."

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