Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anonymous Cat #2

This cat owns a person who is well respected in the FDMB Lantus Insulin Support Group. This person has fallen on very hard times and is embarrassed that s/he cannot afford to treat her/his diabetic cat. The cat needs a relatively expensive surgical procedure and fairly soon. DCIN has agreed to keep this person's identity confidential. That makes it difficult to raise the ~$1,000 still needed for the cat's procedure. But we are going to try. Some appeals from other well-respected members of the Lantus Insulin Support Group who know about this situation:

Please consider helping this sweet kitty get the surgery that is needed. This affectionate kitty tries so hard to please his/her owner and hides the pain that s/he may be feeling. The owner and kitty are members of LL and enjoyed the camaraderie and support of so many helpful members. As a result of being part of this FDMB family, the kitty was able to go OTJ to the delight of the owner and friends on the board. This member continues to visit LL as well as other forums whenever possible, which is a lovely way to pass on experiences and support. If you can find it in your heart to give a donation, I know this owner and kitty will be extremely grateful. I did and hope others will too. CD and BigMac
CD asked that a few of us lend our support to one of the beans/cats who will remain anonymous to the members at large. Bean/Cat were relative short timers in LL. Bean worked her heart out to get Cat OTJ. I'm sure she would do next to anything to take care of Cat and it is heartbreaking to learn that they are in a difficult financial situation. I'm sure whatever DCIN can provide, will be appreciated. Sienne and Gabby

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