Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sambo in Toronto area, Ontario, Canada

January 22, 2012--Because we haven't heard from Sambo's foster Mom for over a year and because the last we heard Sambo was OTJ, we are taking him off DCIN's adoptables list. ~Venita


Update 11/2/10--I understand that Sambo is now OTJ (off the juice, or diet controlled). Congrats to Sambo and those who helped his healing.


Initial post, 9/28/10--Sambo needs a home, soon.

Sambo and his brother Sebastion where dumped outside a Petsmart with a letter to Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue asking for help. This foster-based rescue had no room for these boys, but one of the foster Moms (we'll call her Sissy) agreed to take them, temporarily. She soon took them to be vetted, and Sambo was found to be diabetic. (The results of his bloodwork are here.)

Sebastian went elsewhere, but Sambo returned home with Sissy. He is on Lantus (Glargine) and easy to hometest. He eats well and is not drinking or urinating to excess.

Sambo is a very sweet gentle boy. Great with Sissy's dog and her houseful of seven other cats. Quiet and loving.

From a letter that the people who dumped these boys, we know that Sambo is 10 YO, an indoor cat, hadn't been to the vet in five years, was suspected of being diabetic, was being fed dry food, loves attention, and is a snuggler. "Sambo is a goofy, affectionate to the extreme, constantly purring, lovable guy!!!"

Details received from Sambo's foster Mum this morning.
He is now on 100% canned food either Wellness or Go. He seems to be doing really well, I reduced his insulin this morning to 1 Unit BID and his levels have been 9 or below all day (162 mg/dl).

He's using the litter box every time, has never had an accident since he has been with me. Bowel movements are healthy and normal. He eat really well, does not seem to be PU/PD to me.

He seems to be gaining weight. I believe his original weight was 4.6 kg (10+ lbs). His skin and coat are great, nice and soft and healthy. He's teeth seem pretty good. He is neutered and declawed.

We are not sure if his vaccine status but will update him as soon as he is regulated well. He has no other health issues, a full panel of blood work and urine has been performed.

He is a very sweet, kind, gentle loving boy.

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