Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lily and Joey Have a New Home

Lily...Joey Update 10/30/10--From Caryl, the friend who worked so hard to rehome Lily and Joey.
I am happy to say that their sad story has a happy ending. In the 11th hour, a friend of mine who lives on Long Island came forward. Lisa and her 12 year old daughter (who had her heart set on a handicapped kitty in a no kill shelter) decided that Lily and Joey were in need of a home NOW and since there was not a no kill shelter that would take them, they are now sleeping peacefully on my friend Lisa's bed
Thank you, Caryl, for being the best advocate for these two!! *********************************************************************************** NOTE: Owner has supplies and will have the cats vetted and shots updated and is more than willing to make a donation to whoever will give these cats a home. September 7, 2010--Lily and Joey aren't diabetics. They seem to be healthy cats being abandoned because they are cats and their Mom of four years has developed a new human relationship. I understand that for some people a new human relationship can take priority over pets, but this situation wears my understanding thin because euthanasia is a possibility and a friend of the Mom's (a diabetic cat caregiver) is doing all the work to try to find these cats new homes. These cats are in Morris County, NJ,and the folks involved are in Essex and Bergen counties. Here's the information about the cats, from the friend.
Lily is a 7 year old female mostly grey tabby with medium length fur. Joey is a 7 year old brown,black and white male tabby with short hair. They are altered but not declawed. They are on the large size(not fat), but I don't know their weights. They have been indoor cats their entire life. They were raised together. They came to their present home when her THEN owner was moving and couldn't keep them, and Lily and Joey thought they had found their furever home. Now their Mom can no longer keep them because she is moving in with her fiancee who has a son who doesn't want Lily and Joey in their house. Now they are left pretty much homeless again, after having food and warm beds for the last 4 years and since they have no takers, they are just about to be taken to a shelter. Lily is a sweet and gentle girl who loves to sit on a warm lap and be petted. She isn't big on being picked up, but she loves to be around people and she has always interacted well with her brother and she is fine with other animals and kids as well. Joey is a sweet and gentle boy who loves affection and to be petted. He's very social and loves people and other animals. He would be great with kids. Lily and Joey were raised on Iams dry food and no table scraps. It would be great if Lily and Joey could find a furever home together, but if not, I know they each would be happy to have a mom or dad who would REALLY love them this time around. They have no health issues that I know of.
Healthy, fairly young cats? Come on folks. These two are VERY adoptable. Contact me at ennis93 @ att.net (remove spaces), and I will put you in touch with the friend.


Unknown said...

I hope he dumps her the same way she is dumpimg these poor little guys!

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Personally if the fiance's son doesnt want the cats, Im certain he doesnt want HER either. The cat's dont deserve a person such as her - imo! I hope they find a home. Cross posted to facebook.