Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fly Free, Dear Itty

Cameron came to the FDMB with Itty on 8/3/10. Itty, a black and white cat, ~5 YO and 4 pounds, that had recently showed up on Cameron's doorstep had been diagnosed diabetic. She was started on 1 unit of Lantus insulin on 8/4/10. Shortly after her second shot, Itty started staggering, was lethargic, inappetant, and vomiting. Many FDMB members stayed on the Board with Cameron as she treated what was possibly hypoglycemia. However blood glucose readings did not show that Itty was going so low that this would be a hypoglycemic episode. Some on the Board also suggested it might an allergic reaction to insulin (although any allergic they had heard of was localized to the shot area), diabetic ketoacidosis, or something else entirely. Itty went to the vet, and stayed there until she passed on 8/6/10. At one point, the vet found that Itty's potassium was low, and she was treated for that. A cause of death was never determined. Diabetic Cats in Need helped Cameron by channeling $325 in restricted donations and $25 of unrestricted funds. DCIN paid these amounts to the vet's office that had treated Itty. We were very saddened by Itty's death. Cameron hopes to stay involved with the plight of diabetic cats.

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