Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bones in Houston Texas

Update, September 7, 2010--From Kara, Bones's foster mom:
I am sorry to tell you that Bones died this past week. Evidently, he had more complications that we were unaware of. It's been a rough few days. It's just been a very difficult time for us. Thank you so much for all your help. We did all we could to save him.
************************************************************************* Original posting, 8/26/10--Bones is a rehoming courtesy post. DCIN is helping with Bone's insulin and other diabetic supplies as needed. I heard from Richard on August 26, 2010. The following is edited to make it more concise.
About two and a half months ago, my wife was away from home to take a summer session at a Texas University. During that session, she took in a stray cat the campus employees named Bones because he was so malnourished. She started taking him to the vet regularly where he was treated for ear mites and worms. One weekend, he was attacked by another animal that left him with a leg injury requiring multiple surgeries. I encouraged my wife to bring him home and we would nurse him to good health. He's been healing up much better, but still much slower than expected. The vet ran some tests, and yesterday we received news that Bones has diabetes. Due to other financial considerations, we simply can't afford to go on with more vet care. We also believe there will be a better home that is more conducive to his needs as our work schedules are very erratic, and we are not often home. It is our desire to find him a good home. We are asking friends and family to get the word out, and we have also turned to your organization. Thank you very much for what you do. We hope we can find him a suitable home soon.
Richard provided answers to DCIN's rehoming questions so that I could write this little biography. Bones is a domestic, medium hair, orange and white, nine month old, lean neutered male. He eats wet food (Fancy Feast), twice a day per the vet's orders. He is an indoor cat, showing no interest in going outdoors. Bones usually sleeps near his food or around where his beans are sitting. He's very laid back and agreeable. Overall, a very sweet cat. He's not particularly bonded with anyone other than his Mamabean, Kara. He's ok at the vet until the vet starts checking him, then he needs to be restrained. Otherwise, he's a snuggler. Bones is NOT ok with dogs. Even dogs barking on TV bother him. He's seemed fine with other cats. He was ok with his beans' nephews, but was a little unsure because it was a new place. Bones was diagnosed diabetic August 25. He was PU/PD, with BG levels above 500. He has now started on Lantus insulin, which was scripted by a local vet and sent overnight mail by DCIN. Bones's only other health issues were worms and ear mites, which have been taken care of by the vet. He is just now finishing his rehabilitation after being bit by a snake. After multiple surgeries, he is now nearly healed. The stitches are out and the wrapping soon also will go. Bones is FIV and FeLV negative; he was tested and vaccinated within the last two months. Vet records are available and contact with the vet is permitted. His beans say that euthanasia is not an option. They are committed to finding him a good home. Richard says that Bones is very special. "He has a lot of love to give, and needs a lot of love in return."

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