Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Calvin in Colorado Needs Long-Term Foster Home

Update 8/22/10--Marianne deploys to Kuwait this week for a year, and has found a house/cat sitter until December. After that, she will need another situation for Calvin. She has a possible location to which to send Calvin for the December to August timeframe (an experience diabetic cat caregiver), but that cargiver has her own medical problems that may preclude her from helping. Finger and paws crossed that something works out for Calvin. ***************************************************************** Original Post, 7/6/10--Marianne, in the Army Reserves and deploying at the end of August 2010, needS to find a long-term foster home for her diabetic cat Calvin. They live in Colorado Springs. What I know about Calvin so far, written by Marianne. She is looking for a foster home only for the duration of her deployment.
Calvin will be 15 this August. He is male, shorthair, neutered, declawed, litterbox trained, and diabetic. Other than the diabetes, he's healthy. He is not overweight. He is an indoor cat who hides from dogs (he's afraid of them) and has had other cats in the house (and got along). He does love to snuggle on laps. He gets insulin shots 2 times a day approx 12 hours apart. I do have a glucometer to check his blood sugar levels as he stresses out when he goes to the vet (which raises blood sugar). As a result of his diabetes, he has lost most of his teeth, but still eats kibbles (special diabetic food). He gets some wet cat food with his insulin shots.
I have asked Marianne to answer soMe additional questions and will post answers when I get them. I have Marianne's email address and phone number if you are interested in contacting her. Because DCIN is on break right now, I don't want to get too involved in placing Calvin, but will help arrange transport if needed. Mel, MommaOfMuse on the FDMB, had offered to foster Calvin at her home in Nebraska. Marianne told me she spoke to Mel about her offer, but wants to find something closer to Colorado than Nebraska. If you are interested in fostering Calvin, I suggest you look into the contract that Operation Noble Foster suggests between the two parties to a fostering. That contract is here. You should expect Marianne to agree to pay for litter, food, and any necessary other supplies as well as to make arrangements with a vet local to the foster volunteer for payment of any necessary vet bills. Supplies in Calvin's case would of course include insulin and diabetic supplies.

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