Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rusti at Home in Idaho---(GA)

Update 5/10/10--Margie helped Rusti to the bridge this morning. Fly free, dear girl. Your spirit is strong, and your Mom will dearly miss you. *************************************************************************

Initial post 5/9/10--Rusti is a very sick girl. Her owner Margie contacted DCIN through someone who has previously pointed DCIN toward needy cats. At first, Margie asked for hometesting help. I put her in touch with Claudia, an FDMB member in her area. They exchanged messages, but by that time, Margie has hometesting down. I followed up with Margie and found out that Rusti was not eating and was incontinent, laying on pee pads all day. Rusti, diagnosed 2/27/10, was on Humulin N, and being overdosed because of incorrect instructions from the pharmacist. Margie took the dose down to 1 to 1.5U, but Rusti was swinging wildly from Hi to LO, and not able to receive shots twice a day. How bad must that feel? I asked Margie to cut the dose to .5U until DCIN could send her Lantus. Margie also bought some B12 so that she could give Rusti a shot. (How wonderful to have feed store in the Midwest.) DCIN sent Margie a pen of Lantus and some 3/10cc syringes with .5U markings. She started Rusti on Lantus on 5/8/10, and was shooting a little inappropriately that day, but the FDMB helped her to understand that Lantus is to be administered every 12 hours. Margie's replies on that post show that she has a sense of humor and is willing to learn. Because of Rusti's lethary, Jennifer suggested that she might have a potassium deficiency. DCIN is paying for a test, which is scheduled for tomorrow. Rusti clearly has incredible spirit to fight hard, and Margie clearly loves her. We are hoping for the best.

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