Sunday, March 28, 2010

Red, Partially Blind Diabetic in CT

Update 3/30/10--Jennifer let me know:
I just learned that Red is FIV + on top of possible mouth cancer, he just started with bleeding ulcers in his mouth. This is sad, but he won't be able to be rehomed.
I have removed Red from the DCIN adoption list. May he find comfort during this last chapter in his life. 


3/28/10--DCIN is just starting the intake on Red. This cat is in foster care with FeralCare in CT (maybe Stratford), but he's not feral. He is blind in one eye and diabetic.

Jennifer (Tucker's Mom on the FDMB) and new Mom to Mr. Darcy determined this information based on a brief visit with Red's caregiver.
  • Red takes 3U BID of Humulin N right now, that dose changes every couple of weeks depending on what the vet tells them.
  • No hometesting, BGs at vet range from 90-260
  • Gets 50 cc sub q fluids BID
  • Eats DM canned and some Iams high fiber dry.
Foster Mom says they don't think the cat has much time as it keeps losing weight. She also says she thinks he's sick because he pees a lot. The foster Mom is taking Red to the vet tomorrow. Jennifer asked her to talk to the vet about Lantus (Jennifer can supply one cartridge). Jennifer will be meeting Red later this week and give us a report back.

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Mary said...

Good to know he is among loving people