Friday, March 26, 2010

Oliver and His Buddies and Mom Need Help

Shadoe, so gorgeous
April 23, 2011--In early January, Gayle placed her four cats into friends' homes to foster. Oliver went to Patti in Oregon and Shadoe went to Phoebe in Michigan. The other two, the civies, went to a home in the Chicago area.

Sadly, on March 23, Shadoe died from an anesthesia-induced heart attack as she was waking up from a spay surgery. Our deepest sympathies to Gayle, Phoebe, and all others who loved Shadoe.

Godspeed and Angelwings, dearest Shadoe.


Oliver, with his sister BooBoo
December 18, 2011--Gayle is having financial issues and needs support for Oliver, her DCIN-placed cat with acromegaly, as well as three other cats, one (Shadoe) that also has acromegaly. I am opening a chip in to help Gayle. DCIN's mission is to help diabetic cats and their people. The chip-in is below.

Gayle may need to place some of her cats, including her acrocats, into foster care until she works her way out of her financial troubles. If you are in the Toronto area (where Gayle presently is) or Winnepeg (where Gayle is relocating to) and are willing for foster one of her Acro or "civie" (non-diabetic cats), please let me know at

The chip in does not have a dollar amount set as a goal, we have left that open ended. (Chio-in removed as that site is now defunct.)


March 26, 2010--Deborah brought Oliver to the attention of the FDMB and DCIN on March 7, 2010. He was at a vet's office in Portland OR (surrendered for euthanasia because of diabetes) and had only been posted on the vet's Facebook page. Deb had heard about him through a friend who works at a Portland shelter.

Gayle and Shadoe of the FDMB offered him a home and heart. He stayed two days with Claudia as part of the Three Tenors transport from Middleboro MA through Ontario into Michigan. He arrived at his purrmanent home on March 20.

Since arriving home, Oliver has been diagnosed with Acromegaly and Insulin Auto Antibioties (IAA). Gayle is closely monitoring Oliver's blood glucose levels and treating him with Levemir and Regular insulin with necessary, but sometimes high, dosages.


Unknown said...

He is so, so big and handsome! Gayle - you've done a great job. Venita, thank you for helping to save him.

JustBlue said...

Thanks so much! He's doing so much better now and our vets are really please with his progress.
His coat is so silky smooth and shiny now, plus he has gained 5lbs and is no longer all bony.
We still have much more to do, as his Xrays showed the enlarged organs, possible heart issues to check, and suspected asthma.
Even with all his health issues, he is a sweetheart and never complains.

I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to offer Oliver a home.