Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marjorie's Marshall Dillon

Update 2/27/10--Marshall Dillon is with Miss Kitty once again. Post by Marjorie and Tigger » Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:11 pm
It's thru tears and a heavy heart that I write this. Marshall Dillon & Miss Kitty came to us Labor Day 2000. They were a good pair. Our house was dodge city. they had quite a good life, spoiled rotten. we lost Miss Kitty march 25, 2006 to cancer. Dillon mourned her terrible. Now the house is quite, He was the one who always took care of the rest of cats, nursed/littermated them, welcomed them into the clan. Now he's gone, he was suffering as the fluids in his chest came back, we couldn't let him suffer... he's in a better place now. My love & thanks to all who helped out whether w/ prayers or thru the CIN fund. Dodge City is quiet without it's Marshall Dillon,
Diabetic Cats in Need would like to thank all those who supported Marshall Dillon, financially and through prayer and well wishes, during his final days. Fly free MD. ************************************************************************** Marjorie and Tigger is a five-year member of the FDMB. She lost her diabetic Tigger to wet FIP in 10/08. Because Marjorie is a long-time and cherished member of our community, Cats in Need responded to her request to help her civie (civilian, non-diabetic) cat Marshall Dillon. MD is 19 years old, and has multiple system failures, as many cats this age do. He has chronic renal failure (CRF), has trouble seeing although not totally blind, is often dehydrated and has trouble moving his bowels, has arthritis, and is often inappetant. Marshall Dillon has recently had medical crises that have required visits to the ER vet. The last time, February 20, 2010, Dillon collapsed and was having trouble breathing. The ER vet did X-rays and drew 200 ml of fluid from his chest. Marjorie appealed for help in paying for this visit. Her family's financial situation is dire at this time. Diabetic Cats in Need held a fundraiser on the FDMB and raised $300. As it turned out, the ER had made a mistake on the billing and Marjorie and her husband were able to take care of the bill this time. Cats in Need will hold the funds raised for the next vet visit that Marshall Dillon may need.

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