Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pewter Boy in Middleboro MA

Update 12/20/10--From Claudia:
Pewter Boy has been with me since Easter of 2008. He was an owner surrender. The woman had raised him from a kitten, and she did not want him once he was diagnosed diabetic. My guess is that he was abused. He didn’t know how to play, and he cowered when approached. He has learned to trust me and learned to play and to relate well to some of the cats in the house. I’ve seen tremendous progress with Pewter Boy. He is a large cat, not fat, just tall and long. He is rather solitary and doesn’t take to strangers quickly. He’s quite vocal now, telling me when he wants food or attention. He likes bottle caps and catnip mice. He would make someone with a quiet home a nice pet. He just is not crazy about having 8 or more cats living in his home. His Lantus dose (2 u bid) has been very stable. And he is very meticulous about grooming his white fur.
************************************************************************* Update 10/17/10--Such a handsome cat, and no interest at all in him. Disappointing. From Claudia's recent update to me:
As he stays with me longer, Pewter Boy becomes more affectionate. And, he now talks when he wants food or attention. He is stable on 2 u of Lantus BID. We did a dental on him last year. His health is great other than the diabetes.
**************************************************************************** Original post, 12/9/09--Claudia (cjleo) fosters cat, I mean, she really fosters cats. She is known among her rescue group and local circles as the person who will foster feline diabetics. Pewter Boy is one of Claudia's FDs that she would like to find a home for. About PB, Claudia writes the following. You can trust what CJ says, and she wouldn't omit something important about a cat's behavior. She's had too many surprises herself.
Pewter Boy is a very quiet, well behaved, solitary cat. I think he would love a house with fewer cats. He waits for everyone else to eat before he goes to the food dishes. He is getting enough food as you can see. He came to me as a surrender. The woman who had him from a kitten was going to put him down because of the diabetes. I went and met her and took him. I think he may have been mistreated based on his behavior. It was months before he came to me to be petted. Now, he will crawl up in my lap when he wants attention. He is also medically up-to-date with a dental late in the spring of 2009. He is on Lantus 2u bid. He is a very good boy, but he doesn’t like change. Whoever takes him will need to have lots of patience. He is younger than Rusty (8, I think); but he will make a good companion for someone older – probably a couple. I think children would scare him. I need help to test him which is why I suggest a couple.

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