Friday, December 4, 2009

Juniper Has Moved to Atlanta

Update 2/26/10--Marialyce wrote in part on the FDMB:
Juniper and I drove to Atlanta last Saturday. It was a gorgeous sunny day and she did very well in the car for the 3 hour trip. She and my friend Ann seemed to get along very well. Ann is a very experienced cat mom, so I have no worries about Juniper with her. My 3 remaining kitties are much more relaxed and eating better since Juniper has left. There is peace in the house most of the time, George does taunt Fanciface occasionally, that's not likely to ever stop. I am glad that I was able to get Juniper OTJ and find her a loving furever home.
************************************************************* Update 2/14/10--Marialyce writes on the FDMB.
Juniper will be moving to Atlanta to become an only cat, just as she wishes! Hopefully the travel will be next weekend, pending weather. She will be going to a friend of mine that I have known for more than 30 years, so this is very positive for her.
Peace and happiness in your new home, Juni. ***************************************************************** Update 2/6/10--Despite a major snowstorm that threatened to strand Marialyce and Juniper in Milwaukee, they made it home to Alabama on December 8, 2009, almost as scheduled. Marialyce started Juniper on insulin and by the middle of January 2010, Juniper was off the juice.

However, Juniper is not settling in well at Marialyce's home. She is starting fights with Marialyce's three other cats, and those cats are fearful of Juniper. Marialyce feels it is time to find a different home for Juniper, one where she can be the only cat she seems to want to be. This is the flyer on Juniper. Please let us know if you are interested in giving Juniper a home.


The Sugarcats Board got this posting from Dr. Jami Quick at the Tender Care Animal Hospital in Prairie du Chien, WI:

I am a veterinarian in Wisconsin, desperately looking for a home for a 5 year old diabetic Maine Coon cat. She is sweet, but obese. She needs to be on insulin and is not yet and the owners would like her euthanized instead. I truly believe this cat will not need insulin once her weight is managed. Her name is Juniper and she is a great cat. Please let me know if you can help her!!
The FDMB sprang into action as Hope + (((Baby)))GA bought Juniper a two week stay of execution by paying for vet boarding. However, the two weeks won't be needed as Marialyce (feathersby) stepped up to adopt the cat, sight unseen. Marialyce will be flying from Alabama to Milwaukee on Tuesday December 8 to pick up Juniper. Juniper will travel by car from Prairie du Chien to Milwaukee. The kitty and her new mom will fly back to Alabama the next day. FDMB Cats in Need is raising $600 to help with this transport. We don't have a picture yet, but I will post it when I get it.

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