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Mr. Darcy Passed in Peace 11/1/10

Update 11/2/10--We lost Mr. Darcy yesterday, November 1, 2010. Jennifer wrote:
At 2pm Mr. Darcy left for the Bridge. He has had a Lymph node tumor for months that we kept draining. Two weeks ago was the last drain and the tumor came back even larger. It was wrapped around his trachea. He stopped eating Saturday night. Today palpation and X-ray showed a tumor in his abdomen that was larger than a grapefruit. This was not there before. He just had a urine done with the last lymph node drain, blood was done too and that was perfect. Today he was severely anemic, at 8%, vet said a transfusion wouldn't even help because the belly tumor would just make him anemic again tomorrow. He was in obvious pain, I had to let him go. I love him dearly and am heart broken to lose him.
Mr. came to Jennifer and Ron with that lump, although it was very small at the time. As it grew over this past spring and summer, Jennifer often took Mr. to the vet to have it drained. But recently, it had been growing very large and very quickly after being drained. Mr. Darcy is the first DCIN adoptee to pass, and I had the pleasure of visiting Jennifer and Ron's cats in their home this summer. I too am heartbroken over Mr. Darcy's passing. He was so incredibly happy with his new beans and furries. He had landed so softly, and he knew it. I know he would have stayed forever if it had been his choice to make. His life-before-Jennifer-and-Ron was so hard, but he did have a joyous almost eleven months in their home. I am betting that he completely forgot that he had been anywhere but with Jennifer and Ron. So I must say, that he had the best life ever. Thank you Jennifer and Ron for helping him pass in peace. For completing his cycle of life with joy, love, and peace. Fly free, most dear Mr. Darcy. You are sorely missed. ******************************************************************************** *************************************************************** Update 3/11/10--From a PM from Jennifer:
Mr. Darcy is doing well. He's eating all raw now, his choice, I give him canned too, but he only wants the raw food. He's very playful. Mr. Darcy is a very good kitty. I really can't tell you how much we love him. He is not DI though, the meds had no effect so we had to take him off of them. Still has increased urine and water intake, and the lymph node in his neck has swelled up again. We may never know what's wrong, but he's very happy, very cuddly, loves to sleep on me every night and we cuddle when we watch tv, so it's all good as far as Mr. Darcy is concerned.
****************************************************************** Update 1/13/09--Mr. Darcy's Heart is Fine!! In a post on the FDMB, Jennifer wrote:
The cardiologist spent lots of time with Mr. Darcy. He listened and palpated and did all kinds of physical exam stuff. Blood pressure was taken on front and back paws. I don't know what to say, Mr. Darcy is fine. The cardio found nothing wrong with his heart. I'm so excited I think my heart is skipping some beats. It was determined that Mr. Darcy is the softest and most handsome kitty, but I really didn't need a specialist to tell me that ;-) The doctor said that cats have four different heart sounds, but normally only two are heard and it's possible that at the time Mr. Darcy was seen by my vet, she could have heard one of those other heart sounds. Thank you everyone who helped out and who sent prayers and well wishes. I'm looking forward to many years with this handsome little man in my life.
************************************************************** Update 1/9/10--Mr. Darcy is officially "Off the Juice"!! In a post on the FDMB Jennifer wrote:
Okay, I'm calling it...he is officially off the juice. Blood sugar this afternoon was 75, which is the highest it's been since he moved here in December. I do not plan to test his blood sugar unless he is actually showing any signs of FD, well signs other than increased drinking and urine because he drinks and pees buckets. He's not HyperT, been tested already and it was low end of normal. After the cardio visit I will ask my vet to start treatment for Diabetes Insipidus. I think the only way to test for it is water deprivation, but I also think we could just start the shots and see if he feels better. Maybe Carolynn or Dale Ann can correct me if I'm wrong in that regard. I believe that when Venita told the foster mom, Cheryl, to change (Frisky's) Mr. Darcy's diet, that is all he needed. Cheryl switched him to gluten free varieties of FF and my little man has been doing great. His coat is so soft, he feels like a bunny rabbit, he cuddles all night long choosing between me or Ron, probably spends half his time with each of us. Last night he did find Ron's head the most comfortable place to snuggle up on. Angel Kitty still is finding her way with Mr.Darcy, but Tucker, Sam and Gett have no issues and Sam is making efforts to befriend Mr. Darcy. Lilly Grace is still a sight that frightens Mr. Darcy, it's not every day that you see a kitty flip flopping around and falling out of her beds, but he'll get used to her. Thank you everyone who helped get Mr. Darcy up here, who are helping with his upcoming cardio visit, who helped with all the prayers and good vibes and Venita, there are no words, you're amazing.
************************************************************ 1/4/10 Update--Generous contributors on the FDMB were able to raise $800 for Mr. Darcy's appointment. I thank you, Jennifer and Ron thank you, Mr. Darcy thanks you. ***************************************************************** 12/29/09 Update--Mr. Darcy (formerly Frisky), who Jennifer (Tucker's Mom) adopted through FDMB Cats in Need, has a heart arrrhythmia and needs to see a cardiologist. Here is the post from the old Board. Mr. Darcy will be seeing Dr. Fenollosa January 13th at VCA Shoreline. He will be getting a consult and, if needed, an echocardiogram. It is highly likely an ECG will be done. Jennifer is fearful about Mr. Darcy's possible heart condition, because she and her DH have fallen madly in love with this sweetie, who is OTJ by the way. The FDMB Cats in Need Fund has a commitment to Mr. Darcy. Jennifer is at the end of her rope with vet bills right now and will accept our help, although that was a tough choice for her. (See Jennifer's response to the fundraising post here.) I am looking to raise $800 for Mr. Darcy. That is the top end of the estimate Jennifer got, and the fund is still $350 in the hole from Mr. Darcy's pre-adoption vetting in Virginia. Every little bit helps. And now you can donate knowing that your donation to Cats in Need can be claimed as an itemized deduction on US federal and state tax returns, thanks to Maureen's adopting Cats in Need as an affiliate of the OLM Catnip Cottage Not-for-profit. We have a little over two weeks to get this fundraising done, and I know we can do it. If you can't support Jennifer and Mr. Darcy financially, prayers and well wishes also are important currency. ********************************************************************** 12/23/09 Update--Mr. Darcy (formerly Frisky) is now fully entrenched in his new home. He certainly turned out to be the loving cat he promised me he would be. Jennifer's husband Ron has fallen hard for Mr. Darcy. Jennifer writes:
[The vet] said Mr. Darcy IS a [Jenn's family name] cat. He's laid back and friendly at the clinic, let them do everything without a fuss. She loved him. Mr. Darcy is such a wonderful little man. He is so sweet and so nice. But.. he has to learn not to get in the shower with me. He did that this morning, got himself soaked, it was hilarious. ...The lump on his neck is gone (it was a blood filled pocket that was aspirated), he actually lost a little weight which surprised me because he's not boney anymore, he's 8 pounds, 11 oz. Not bad I guess, I'd like to see another pound or two on him. I had thought he put on weight. His coat is really soft now too. Did I mention that he's wonderful?
Jennifer keeps photos of Mr. Darcy in this photobucket album. ********************************************************************* 12/12/09 Update--Frisky's journey from Manassas VA to Milford CT happens tomorrow, with the starring role played by buff-colored leading man Frisky (the buzz is he's getting a distinguished new name). Frisky will be supported by an ensemble cast comprising Cheryl (the current foster mom), Larry, Venita, Leslie, Wendy, and finally new Mom Jennifer (Tucker's Mom). The production starts at 8am eastern time. Although the weather calls for caution on the part of those involved, it doesn't look bad enough to pose a threat of cancellation. "I am thrilled to be able to give my adoring FDMB audience a Sunday morning and afternoon packed with edge-of-the-chair excitement and adventure," Frisky said to this entertainment reporter. Happy and safe transport all!! Note that fundraising is ongoing to cover an outrageously high bill to vet Frisky for his adoption. ********************************************************** 12/9/09 Update--Jennifer (Tucker' Mom) in CT is adopting Frisky, subject to him being FeLV negative. Frisky is being vetted today. The transport from VA to CT will happen Sunday, December 13, 2009. ********************************************************** I first heard about Frisky in mid-November 2009:
Hi, I had a friend that was going to euthanize a 13 year old cat that has diabetes. I told her I would foster it and try to find a home... Very sweet cat, not up to date on shots and is still being regulated on insulin. It is a very picky eater and will only eat non diabetic prescription food and canned chicken. It's on antibiotics as well just to clear up a bladder infection. I have 2 little kids and 4 other cats and a dog, if I didn't have that I would keep Frisky... I know Frisky is a special needs cat, I wondered if you had any ideas on where I could place him. If you could e-mail me back that would be great. Thanks, Cheryl.
Of course I emailed back. I had Cindy send Cheryl a newbie kit, which she did. I warned Cheryl about the Vetsulin issue, and sent her the link for the free Lantus, and visited Frisky at Cheryl's home when I took Socs south on a transport. During this time, Cheryl found out she is pregnant with her third child. I got this email today.
Venita, I hate to send you this e-mail... I love Frisky but he's going to have to go in the next couple months. I've hit my limit, I can't mentally or physically handle one more cat or anything for that matter! Between kids, being pregnant, and animals it's just too much. I have one cat that's not handling its roomates very well and is going to the bathroom everywhere! I understand if you can't find Frisky a home in the next two months, I'll start looking other places if you can't. Let me know what you're thinking and thanks again for all your time!
So it's time to find Frisky a home. I've been holding off because of the deluge of diabetic cats in more dire circumstances. However, Frisky's time has come. I understand from Cheryl that he's been shuttled among various homes for over a year. Frisky is an older cat, and underweight (bony actually as you can see on the video below), likely because of his diabetes. He seems otherwise in good shape, but we can have him fully vetted to make sure. Frisky walked well, he doesn't have the staggered gate of an older cat and he does not appear to have neuropathy. He is friendly with strangers. I loved him up and he sat close to me to be petted. Cheryl has been trying to get him converted to dry food, per her understanding of his needs, but he prefers wet food (yeah Frisky!). I gave Cheryl some cans of low-carb Fancy Feast. I ear tested Frisky's blood glucose, and he was very accepting of the test. I have asked Cheryl to join the FDMB so that she can plead his case and answer questions I might not be able to. I know it will take a special person to adopt Frisky. His age makes him less adoptable. But his medical condition--diabetes--makes him potentially adoptable to a very special group of people. I really don't want to have to talk to our members who are "sanctuaries" for less-adoptable diabetic cats. Please, let's find someone who is willing to take Frisky and love him like he's been in her/his home and heart for all of his 13 years. Frisky, it seems to me, is very willing to accept this role.

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