Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update--An Accounting

The FDMB Cats in Need fund is paying for a portion of Simmy's recent vetting, including a dental. Simmy (shown to the left) owns Cheryl, known on the FDMB as foursavages. (See Cheryl's report on the vetting here.) The total cost of the vetting was more than double what the fund will paid; the fund will only pay the remainder after the fundraising Cheryl had done independently. (See Cheryl's fundraising blog here.) So, here's a "life to date" accounting for the fund. (Sorry for the following space; I can't format a table to save my life!!)

$105.00Proceeds from Sheri's "Cat of the Month"
28.1712/15/08 check from IGive
72.44Donations for Tiggy's transport
$205.61Total proceeds
(72.44)Tiggy's transport
(345.24)Simmy's vetting
(212.07)Fund deficit
I paid what the fund couldn't afford. I will repay myself from future proceeds to the fund. There is a check for $155.15 on its way from IGive. Another $181.43 will be coming from IGive in future checks. Once those are received, the fund will be back in the black.

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